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#Wholesale Discounted Raw Gemstones Deals

Buy wholesale rough stones for faceters, Lapidary Artists or gemstone cutters. Enjoy small rough stone deals for cutting, bulk gemstones with handsome discounts on bulk purchase

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Buy latest online Small / Commercial gemstones and crystal parcels

#Facet Grade Rough Gems Deals For Cutting

Buy facet grade rough stones for faceters, Lapidary Artists or gemstone cutters. Enjoy small rough stone deals for cutting, bulk gemstones

#Loose Gemstones - Cut Stones

Buy here cut stones in form single cut stone, pairs, or wholesale cut stone parcels / lots

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Buy variety of Fine Mineral Specimens deals , single specimens, mineral specimen lots

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These products are for custom order. They are commercial stones
Buy Rough Natural Emerald Stones 2000ct / 400grams
Raw Natural Emerald Stones 120 carats
10kg Mogok Spinel Rough - Rough Gemstones Wholesale

Welcome to - Your One-Stop Shop for the Wholesale World of Raw Gems and Crystals

Welcome to - Your One-Stop Shop for the world of Wholesale raw Gems and Crystals, fine faceted gemstones,precious stones, semi precious stones,mineral specimens, Birthstones, Sapphire, Rubies for sale, rough emeralds for sale or anything related to the gemstones in any form. 

Are you a gemstone buyer looking for buying gemstones Online or looking for genuine gemstone dealers? offers the best collection of premium quality gemstones at affordable prices. Shop now for rare and unique gemstones from the comfort of your home.  

Unlock the Wholesale World of Raw Gems / Crystals - Shop the Best Selection of Loose Gemstones at Affordable Prices

Folkmarket Top Gemstone Online Store is the best place to buy loose gemstones or to buy Raw Gemstones, faceting rough gemstones, fine mineral specimens, cabochons, tumbles, crystal pendants, gems jewelry and Afghan Antiuqe Gemstone Jewelry. We offer a diverse collection of premium quality rough gemstone parcels, loose gemstones at unbeatable prices. Whether you're a collector, a jewelry designer, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of raw gems, our site has everything you need to fulfill your passion. Browse our collection today and discover the hidden treasure of gemstones waiting just for you.

Origions of Gemstones:

We collect our gemstones, mineral specimens and crystals from all over the world. The popular regions are Pakistan, Afghanistan, African continent, Vietnam, Burma, Sirilanka, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Iran, Tajikistan, Brazil.

Buy Rough Gemstones in Pakistan

At, we take pride in offering the finest selection of rough gemstones from around the world, including Pakistan. Known for its rich and diverse geological landscape, Pakistan is home to some of the most exotic and rare gemstones in the world. Embark on a Journey of Rarity and Beauty - Buy the Best Selection of Rough Gemstones in Pakistan at From emeralds to tourmalines, our collection of hand-picked gemstones from the rich geological landscapes of Pakistan will leave you breathless. As a leading online destination for gemstone enthusiasts, we offer top-notch quality and authenticity at unbeatable prices. So, why wait? Start exploring the captivating world of rough gemstones in Pakistan and take home a piece of treasure that will be treasured for generations to come.

Birthstones For Sale

Celebrate Your Month with Radiant Birthstones - Shop the Best Collection at Birthstones have long been a symbol of good luck, protection and love. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for someone special, our collection of premium quality birthstones will leave you spoilt for choice. From classic diamonds to rare gemstones like tanzanite and alexandrite, our birthstones are hand-selected to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Experience the beauty of birthstones at and add a touch of brilliance to your life today.

February birthstone is Amethyst, garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, rubies are for those who are born in the m/o of July. Know your birthstone.

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