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Buy online Small / Commercial gemstones and crystal parcels
2pcs Raw Amethyst for Faceting
2pcs Amitrine Stones for Faceting - Raw Amitrine
2pcs Turquoise Stone Cabochon
Colorless Sapphires - White Sapphires 31 piece
Yellow Sapphires 16 pieces
10ct Orangish Red sapphires 17 pieces
1kg Sunstone Rough - Raw Gemstones
Vesuvianite Combined with Feldspar on Matrix | Mineral Specimen
1kg Raw Sapphire - Rough Sapphire Crystals
1kg Tektite Stones - Meteorite Kind
1kg Raw Zircon Stones
4x3mm Rainbow Sapphires - Calliberated Oval Sapphires

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Buying Loose Gemstones Online

Are you a gemstone buyer looking for buying gemstones Online or looking for genuine gemstone dealers? Than Folkmarket Gemstone Online Store is the best place to buy loose gemstones or to buy Raw Gemstones, faceting rough gemstones, cabochons, tumbles, crystal pendants, gems jewelry. We also offer antique afghan kuchi jewelry.
Raw Gemstones, Loose Gems For Sale / Worldwide Gems and Mineral Treasure
One can find on our online Gems store, variety of fine faceted gemstones, wholesale rough gemstones and small rough gemstone lots, precious stones, semi precious stones for sale, mineral specimens, Birthstones, Sapphire, Rubies for sale, rough emeralds for sale or anything related to the gemstones in any form. You’ve come to the right place. FMGS (Folkamrekt) Gems Minerals shop offers 100% genuine Gemstones for sale. We collect our gems, minerals and rocks from all over the world. Mainly gemstone and crystals come from Afghanistan, African continent, Vietnam, Burma, Sirilanka, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Iran, Tajikistan, Brazil.
Buy Rough Gemstones in Pakistan
We have all kind of gemstones in Pakistan. Popular Gemstones are Swat Emerald rough, Kashmir raw Sapphire, Rubies, Peridot rough, Tourmaline, Kunzite, Aquamarine, Lapislazulli rocks, Quartz, Brucite, Jadiet, Apatite, Sphene, Topaz, Sataknala Tourmaline, Panjsheir Emeralds and many more. New findings also come occasionally which we list on our site time to time.

Birthstones For Sale
We have great collection of Birthstones on the web which can be perfect gemstone gift for you. For example, February birthstone is Sapphire, garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, rubies are for those who are born in the m/o of July. Birthstones symbolizes many meanings it depends on the month in which the person is born. Know your birthstone..

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