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How Valuable is Tourmaline Stone? What is tourmaline price per carat?

How Valuable is Tourmaline Stone? What is tourmaline price per carat?

Tourmaline price depends on several factors such as color, clarity, size and weight. Price will get higher if all factors are there. How these factors contribute to the price of tourmaline, learn here in this article
Is Ruby Very Expensive Stone? RubyGems Price Per Carat
Why are Red Gemstones Popular? | List of Red Gemstones

Why are Red Gemstones Popular? | List of Red Gemstones

Why are Red Gemstones Popular?  Red jewels have been a constant fashion for kings and queens throughout in the history. Because red gems are  so rare. Rubies stand out among them as the most precious and valuable stone. Red, sign of  passion and love, holds a special place in human society and is often used for engagement rings , valentine day and  weddings. Its vivid red color and deep symbolism have always been attracting the hearts, making it irresistible across time and cultural boundaries. The irresistible appeal of red gemstones never fades. Red represents the eternal power of love and the everlasting beauty of precious gemstones. Are Red Stones Expensive? Yes, red stones, especially red-precious stones, are expensive because they hold high market value due to demand and low supply. There is a significant demand for red stones, and they are commonly worn at various events such as weddings, engagements, Valentine's Day, and anniversaries. During season of such events, red stone demands becomes high. Red has always been a favorite among people, making red stones lovers and they valued them for their beauty. List of Red gemstones Names with Color Shades Here is a list of the most popular red gemstones and minerals:- Detail of Popular Red Gemstones Names and FolkmarketGems Deals Folkmarketgems offers a  variety of red stones, perfect for jewelry designers. We have a red faceted stones, facet rough red stones, red crystals, cabochons and tumbles as well as red stone jewelry also pendants available. Here are some examples of what Folkmarketgems offers in red gemstones, is listed below:- Red Precious Gemstones 1-Red Ruby Stone Rubies are red because they contain chromium in them . This mixes with the structure of gem's making it bright red. Folkmarket has a miners in Kashmir that work for us in Pakistan. we have a wide range of red  selection of  gemstones such as . Pigeon Blood Kashmir Rubies  Burmese Rubies  African Rubies Afghan Rubies Tajik Rubies Type of Red Rubies we offer:- One can find different varieties of Red Rubies at Folkmarketgems such as below:- Raw facet grade Red Rubies raw stones for lapidary work  loose stones for jewelry making Cabochons and beads  Raw Rubies Crystals with hexagonal shapes  Color of Rubies red shades Birthstone Month: Ruby is a birthstone of July.  2-Red Sapphires Red Sapphires are popular for their stunning crimson hue. They are extremely rare in natural. Typically, sapphires come in many other colors such as such as blue, yellow, and pink, but the red variety of the sapphires is exceptionally scarce. Kashmir Sapphires, coming from Kashmir valley of Batakundi area in Pakistan, possesses reddish-pink sapphires in 100% natural form. Unlike treated, imitated or synthetic sapphires, these Kashmir sapphires are completely natural. This makes them more valuable for collectors. Other type of red sapphires are beryllium heated which are actually given color by beryllium heat treatment.  At Folkmarketgems, we are offering following type of red sapphires. Our collection showcases the mesmerizing beauty of rare gems like Kashmir Sapphires, providing customers with the opportunity to own an extraordinary piece of nature. 100% Natural Kashmir Sapphires African Sapphires with Beryllium Heat Treatment Type of Red Rubies we offer:- One can find different varieties of Red Rubies at Folkmarketgems such as below:- Raw Kashmir Sapphires for faceting  Rough Kashmir Sapphires for lapidary work such as cabbing, tumbling, beading Faceted Kashmir Sapphires Stones Kashmir Sapphires Tripeche Birthstone Month for Sapphires: Sapphire is birthstone of September Month. Red Semi Precious Stones 1- Red Tourmaline (Rubilite) There are many red tourmaline varieties such as pink tourmaline, rubilite tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline.  Folkmarketgems have following red tourmaline types Raw Tourmaline crystals  Loose tourmaline for jewelry designing Watermelon red tourmaline slices  Birthstone Month: Tourmaline is a birthstone of October and perfect for October babies.  2-Red Garnets We have a lot of varieties of red garnets such as Almandine garnets, Rhodolite garnets, Pyrope garnets. These are all varieties of red garnets. Garnets are found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, African countries, Myanmar and many other countries. Here is listed the different types of red garnets available.  1. Almandine Garnets: Almandine garnets have normally deep red to reddish-brown in color. They are one of the most common types of garnets. These garnets often have a high refractive index which gives them brilliance.  2. Rhodolite Garnets: Rhodolite garnets are a purplish-red to pinkish-red variety of garnet. They have lighter red hue compared to Almandine garnets. However, rhodolite garnets with purple are quite rare.  3. Pyrope Garnets: Pyrope garnets are typically a deep, blood-red color. They are famous for their intense red hue. These garnets are sometimes referred to as "carbuncle" due to their resemblance to a glowing ember. Type of Red Garnets with Folkmarketgems Facet Grade Rough Red Garnets Cabochon Grade Raw  Red Garnet Mineral Specimens Loose garnets Garnet cabochones Birthstone Month: Garnet is birthstone of January.  3-Red Spinels We also offer red spinels in raw and cut. Normally spinels come in various colors such as pink, red, blue, grey, violet, lavender and many others. Red spinels are extremely rare and they are often worn at replacement of rubies. There are many shades of red spinels. In the past times, spinels used to be taken as rubies during first discovery. Red spinels are still expensive due to their rarity.  Type of red spinels with Folkmarketgems Raw spinels Cabs grade rough spinels Loose Spinels Spinel Crystals for collectors  Birthstone Month: Spinels ka birthstone August.  4- Red Zircons Red Zircons are popular for their bright red color and diamond like brilliance. Due to their density and hardness they give brilliance like that of diamonds. Popular zircon colors are brown, yellow, white, blue. Red among them is quite rare. Red zircons are coming from Skardu, Pakistan. Typically, these zircon specimens are found in their natural crystal form, perfect for crystal collectors. Varieties of Zircons with Folkmarket Raw Zircon Crystals Loose Zircon Crystals Red Zircon mineral specimens Birthstone Month: Zircon is the birthstone of December.  5-Red Calcite Calcite is an abundant stone and found in many countries. Red Calcite is also coming from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Type of red Calcite Stone with Folkmarketgems Cabs grade raw calcite Calcite Tumbles Calcite handicrafts Calcite Cabochons / Beads  Birthstone Month for Calcite:  Calcite is brithstone of June.  6-Pinkish Red Apatite A unique variant of pink apatite, famous as reddish pink Apatite, is sourced from Nagar and Skardu in Pakistan. Pink Apatite itself is an exceptionally rare type of apatite variety. The beautiful pink apatite crystals found in Pakistan are particularly striking in combination with mica, aquamarine. These specimens are quite unique always and beautiful in formation. Type of Red Apatite Stone with Folkmarketgems Mineral Specimens Birthstone Month: Apatite is considered as March 7- Vayrynenite Vayrynenite is newly found stone being sourced from Pakistan. This is a peach pink with reddish tone stone. The stone is quite rare variety of gemstones and minerals. Gem quality varynenite is hardly found.  Type of Red Vayryneite Stone with Folkmarketgems Raw crystals Mineral Specimens Loose Vayrynenite Stones Birthstone Month: This can be considered as birthstone for the month of July.  7-Reddish Pink Topaz Red pink or Reddish Orange topaz is variety of imperial topaz. In natural form, it is a very very rare stone. The Pakistan mine of Katlang is producing some rare hot pinkish red topaz. However hot red topaz is normally irradiated which are popular in Brazilian topaz. We have following topaz varieties in our stock Type of Red Topaz Stone with Folkmarketgems Raw Topaz  Loose Topaz Stones Topaz Crystals Topaz Mineral Specimens for collectors Birthstone Month for Topaz: Topaz is a birthstone for the month of November.  7-Rhodonite Stones Rhodonite stone is a red stone that comes from Africa. It is a red-colored stone having a slight pink hue. Mostly, Rhodonite crystal comes in cabochon grade, and gem-quality Rhodonite is very rare. Rhodonite is also a mineral known for its unique reddish tone. Normally cabochon grade rough rhodolite is sourced in larged quantity. They are used in jewelry making. Rhodonite crystals are kept for collection if they come in good termination. Gem-quality Rhodonite refers to such quality which must have clarity, color, and maximum lack of imperfections, making them highly ideal for collectors and jewelry designers. However, getting gem quality Rhodonite is quite rare. A rarity of gem quality adds value to its market price.  What Folkmarketgems offers in rhodonite stones:- Type of Red Rhodonite Stone with Folkmarketgems Raw Rhodonite Stones Raw Rhodonite Crystals Rhodonite cabochons Birthstone Month for Rhodonite: Rhodonite is a birthstone for the m/o July.  8-Red Agate Agate has lot of varieties with different patterns. Red agate is one of the popular stone in Asian countries. They think red agate or Aqiq as holy stones. We have lot of red agate stones with us. Agate is an abundant stone which is found almost in mostly countries.    What Folkmarketgems offers in red agate stones:- Type of Red agate Stone with Folkmarketgems Raw Agate Stones Red Agate Cabochons Red Agate beads strings Birthstone Month for Red Agate: Red agate is also associated with the m/o of May. 9-Red Sunstone Sunstone present a shimmering effect which typically contains inclusions of hematite or goethite. When light reflects in parallel of these inclusions, it results in shimmering or sparkling shades of reddish gold color. Sunstones are primarily found in cabochon grade stones.   Derived from its name, "sunstone," sunstone is inked to the characteristics of the sun. Just as the sun provides energy to life, so too is this belief associated with sunstone—it's believed to infuse energy to give life.  What Folkmarketgems offers in red sunstone stones:- Type of Red sunstone Stone with Folkmarketgems Raw Sunstones for faceting Rough Sunstones for cabbing sunstone cabochons Birthstone Month for Red Sunstone: 10-Reddish Pink Fluorite Reddish pink fluorite is coming from Skardu Pakistan and sometimes it comes with hot reddish pink. This type of fluorite is a rare variety of fluorite. The popular colors of fluorite are purple, green with less producing in yellow and blue. The rarest colors in fluorite are black, colorless and pink.   Type of Reddish Pink Fluorite Stone with Folkmarketgems Pink Fluorite Specimens or crystals on mica Birthstone Month for Fluorite: Fluorite is birthstone of February.  Conclusion Apart from above red stones, Folkmarketgems receive lot of gemstones regularly  and we list them on our store time to time. These are only a few stones we have highlighted above. However the list of red gemstones go on. 
Connection Between March Birth Stones and Aquamarine Stone Ring

Connection Between March Birth Stones and Aquamarine Stone Ring

Aquamarine ring is popular for various occasions such as engagement, very next morning after wedding day, anniversaries and for many other occasions. what type of designs, one can use for aquamarine rings, learn more abut it here....
Uncovering the Hidden Treasures of Chitral: The Geology Behind the World-Famous Chitral Emeralds

Uncovering the Hidden Treasures of Chitral: The Geology Behind the World-Famous Chitral Emeralds

Embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into the geology behind the world-famous Chitral emeralds. Located in the scenic Chitral region of northern Pakistan, these green gems have captivated the hearts of collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Discover the secrets of their formation, extraction, and significance to the local communities in this comprehensive exploration of the geology of Chitral emeralds
Zircon Stone: A Geological Story Teller- A Brief Introduction

Zircon Stone: A Geological Story Teller- A Brief Introduction

Let's talk about the zircon stone, a gem that holds the secrets of Earth's  history. It's like a tiny time capsule, recording the incredible transformations our planet has undergone. Zircon takes the spotlight as an extraordinary timekeeper, capturing intricate details of Earth's earliest changes. It's like a geological storyteller, whispering tales of ancient shifts and transformations. Within its crystal structure lies a captivating narrative, offering us a front-row seat to the mysteries of our planet's past. In the world of minerals, zircon stands out as a silent yet eloquent chronicler of Earth's enduring journey.
The History and Usage of Lapis Lazuli

What is Lapis Lazuli Meaning? | Where Blue Lapis Stone is Used?

Blue Lapis Lauli Stones are used for various purpose such as jewelry, crafts, home decor items, house hold uses such as tiles, sinks etc. Lapis has been used since back to Egyptian era.
Learn About The Pink Morganite Gemstone Price and Value

Learn About The Pink Morganite Gemstone Price and Value

The value of Morganite is determined by various other factors such as clarity, cut,  color and weight, treatment types. The most desirable and having value, the Morganite stones should have a deep pink color, flawless clarity, and a big size that along with excellent brilliance.
10 Stunning Diamond Alternatives Stones for Engagement Rings

10 Stunning Diamond Alternatives Stones for Engagement Rings

Surprisingly, the tradition of engagement rings dates back to Neanderthal times, challenging perceptions of their civilization. Accounts reveal Neanderthals expressed loyalty by adorning brides' wrists and ankles with items like grass and rushes, suggesting a deeper societal bond than previously thought.
Emerald's Cousin: The Enchanting Peridot - August's Birthstone

Emerald's Cousin: The Enchanting Peridot - August's Birthstone

Peridot is a gem of August which is popular for its unique color. Unlike lush green emeralds, peridots color come between olive and lime. Peridots are mined in various corner of the world i.e. Pakistan, Egypt, Arizona, Burma, China, African continent. Peridots are formed in volcanic eruptions.   
From Earth's Depths to Your Eyes: Discovering Raw Sapphire and Ruby Crystals

From Earth's Depths to Your Eyes: Discovering Raw Sapphire and Ruby Crystals

Journey with us on a stunning exploration into the heart touching world of raw sapphire and ruby crystals. These beautiful gemstones, formed deep within the Earth's depths, have attracted the civilizations throughout history with their unrivaled beauty and symbolism. Join us as we unveil the origins, unique characteristics, and the intricate journey these gems undertake to reach your eyes.

"Anthill Garnets" The gem mined by tiny Ants

"Anthill Garnet"  [caption id="attachment_658" align="aligncenter" width="156"] Ant mined Anthill garnet from Arizona USA[/caption] Red pyrope garnet Found in Arizona, pyrope garnets are the gems and mineral of the garnet  family, found from several localities around the world, but hey why the ones from Arizona are called Anthill garnets? They are called anthill garnets because of their Unexpected/Unusual origin. Their origin is unusual because these Red Gems are mined by Tiny little Ants, yes Ants, [caption id="attachment_659" align="alignright" width="257"] some Ant discarded Garnets collected by a collector[/caption] The gems are found on and around Margins of anthills. The ants while excavating their underground passages kind of dig the Gems, haul them up to the surface and discard them to make some room to live down there. The rain washes the garnets and moves them down the hill and they can easily be collected by people in large numbers. The brilliant lustre and dark red colour makes it Easier to find them in the soil surrounding, [caption id="attachment_1713" align="alignleft" width="197"] How Emerald Minerals and Gemstones are formed? What are their geological occurrences? Read this article also[/caption]     A few areas in Arizona are well known for anthill garnets, the rich red Chromium pyrope garnets with a dark colour and exceptional lustre a Mohs scale hardness of 7.25. The native Americans discovered them a long time ago. Today native Americans and rockhounds collect the garnet gems mineral and sell them to gems dealers which later make cabochons or facet out of the stones. Then they are mounted into jewellery. Their unusual origin also plays a role in the desire for the gem dealers and to those who wear the Jewelry in which these gems are mounted in. The Anthill garnets found are usually tiny and cab/facet mostly 1ct or under gems, because the ants are smart enough to ignore and excavate around large stones rather than bringing them up the surface. it is fair cause that the larger stones would always appear almost black because of the very high colour but enough light goes through the tiny ones to reveal the deep desirable red colour. Learn about anthill garnet stones on youtube in our video [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Umsxfydu8B4&feature=youtu.be[/embed]


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