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Afghanite is relatively, a  rare mineral deposit. It was first discovered in 1968 around Sar-e-Sang area of Badakhshan which is a province in Afghanistan. Badakhshan is well known for its rich deposits multiple gems and minerals. Afghanite was given the name after its country of origin, Afghanistan.

Physical Properties of Aghanite:

Afghanite is a silicate mineral. It has complex chemical composition. Afghanite normally occurs as blue to violet-blue crystals. This comes occasionally in association with other minerals like calcite, diopside, and pyrite. The color of Afghanite is due to sulfur in its structure.

Afghanite Chemical Composition:

The chemical formula of Afghanite is (Na,K)22Ca10(Si24Al24O96)(SO4)6(CO3)6·(H2O)6. Apparently, the chemical formula itself speaks the complexity of the stone. Like, it contains multiple elements such as sodium (Na), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), silicon (Si), aluminum (Al), sulfur (S), and carbon (C).

Afghanite Crystal System:

Afghanite gets crystallization in form of a cubic crystal system. They form well-defined crystals with a cubic or octahedral habit like spinels. However, Afghanite can also be found in massive forms.

Occurrence of Afghanite Stone:

Afghanite is found in altered limestones and marbles. It is formed  in high-pressure metamorphic environments while being in association with other minerals. The occurrence of Afghanite is relatively a rare. It is found only in Afghanistan therefore, Afghanistan is the only primary source of this rare mineral. Some very small amount is also observed in Italy, United States and Russia.  

Uses of Afghanite Stone:

Afghanite Stone is a rare mineral with having vibrant blue hue which is usually collected by the mineral collectors and geologist enthusiasts. The researchers find Afghanite an interesting stone because of its unique crystal structure and complex chemical composition. All these attributes make the stone appealing to the mineral collectors. 

Market and Value Afghanite:

Market value of the stone is depending on following factors mainly:-

  • How much is the stone gem grade for faceting
  • The color and Clarity of Afghanite for faceting
  • The Size of facet grade afghanite
  • the quality of the crystals, 
  • he intensity of its blue color,
  • the size of the specimen,
  •  aesthetic appeal.
  • High-quality Afghanite specimens or crystal along with well-formed crystals and deep coloration can be quite valuable among collectors.

It should be kept in mind that the high end Afghanite specimens or a gem grade Afghanite for faceting is very very rare and will become more rare with the passage of time due to the limited occurrence of the mineral and also other potential geopolitical factors which affect the accessibility of sources in Afghanistan.

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