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How can we determine Diamonds by Cut, Clarity, Color and Size?

How will you detect the quality of diamond while buying online or face to face. Gemologists have defined some standards if we follow them while analysis of a diamond, they can help us a lot in first analysis of a valuable, quality and fine diamond. What are they? How they are determined? Read more here
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Star Phenomena in the Sapphire and Ruby Stones | Star Saphhires Identification

Star phenoman in rubies and sapphires is common. That is due to their asterism or internal reflection. In cabochon form, star makes the low grade Corundum also valuable. Chemically, star sapphire is an aluminum oxide and forms as trigonal crystals.
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Types of Crystal Structure and How Crystals are formed? Crystal and Mineral Identification

There are different types of Crystal Structure by which you can recognize. Information about crystallization of any Gemstone and Minerals help us in identification. Researchers have divided crystals by Shape and by properties.
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