Fine Mineral Specimens for Sale | Rocks and Crystal Specimens for Collectors

Folkmarket offers variety of rocks and mineral specimens being sourced from the northern most valleys of Pakistan, Afghanistan, African continent, Burma, Tajikstan and many other countries. The rocks and minerals have been existing for decades and are highly demanded by the gems and mineral collectors. The mineral specimens occur naturally and have unique features not found in others. Some of these features include their aesthetic, beautiful and rare nature. 

Natural Fine Mineral Specimens for your Cabinets

By different geological processes with chemical composition mixture, the minerals take form and turn to beautiful aesthetic minerals and crystal specimens. They are usually inorganic and solid, but there are also a few organic materials in the earth's crust, like silver, gold, diamond, etc.  Today, thousands of minerals are known by the researchers, but only some are common due to their aesthetic beauty. The minerals' study is known as "mineralogy". Most of the time, the collectors like to buy combination of minerals or crystals on one rock which is called "matrix". 

What Kinds of Mineral Specimens, the Minerals and Rocks Collectors Would Like to buy?

There are varieties of mineral specimens. They include gems type such as follow:-

  1. Cabinet Display size crystal for decorators
  2. Miniature Mineral Specimens with Miniature Crystals Combination on Matrix
  3. Minerals from specific origin
  4. Mineral Specimens having interesting inclusions such as petrolium Included Quartz with gas or water bubbles. 
  5. Minerals having certain properties
  6. Variances in a single mineral type
  7. Decorator Mineral Specimens
  8. Large cabinet mineral specimens for sale
  9. Historical specimens associated with specific events or figures.
  10. Museum quality mineral specimens
  11. High End Mineral and Rocks Specimens for Collectors
  12. Combination of Minerals or crystals on one rock 
  13. Rare fine mineral specimens
  14. Minerals belonging to specific crystal groups
  15. Expensive mineral specimen

Types of Gemstones, Minerals and Crystals on Specimens, The Collectors are the most interested in? 

  • The most popular minerals and crystals in specimens are Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Peridot, Emeralds, Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz Crystals, Single or in combination
  • Crystal clusters like quartz, amethyst, and pyrite are well-formed crystals
  • Geodes such as  Amethyst, Citrine, Agate
  • Others are fluorite, calcite, Mica, Feldspar, 
  • Fossilised and organic Mineral Specimens such as amber, crinoids, pertified woods etc.
  •  Igneous Rocks Collections
  •  Metamorphic Rocks Collection
  • Sedimentary Rock Collections
  • Fluorescent minerals such as Hakmanite, Afghanite, Flourite, and Many others
  • Rare Stone Minerals i.e. Bastanite, Imperial Topaz, Brucite, Penaite etc. 
  •  Extraterritorial Rock Collections such as meteorites, tektites, Moldavites, Pallasites, 
  • that grow together, often in intricate patterns.Metallic Minerals specimens like gold, silver, copper, and native elements.

Types of mineral specimens. The world of mineral specimens is more diverse. The types also include:

  1. Silicates like quartz and feldspar are the earth's crust's strong backbone.
  2. Carbonates like calcite change from one colour to another. This trait makes them very attractive. 
  3. Sulfides are all about that metallic gleam that gives them a calm, shiny look.
  4. Oxides like hematite and corundum are the earth's precious gem.

Each type has its own story about the earth's incredible journey.

Who are Buyers of Mineral Specimens or Crystal Collections?

People who buy these mineral specimens are passionate mineral and crystal collectors, geologists, learners, geology and gemmology students, researchers, interior designers and enthusiasts that see them as works of art that add elegance to spaces and believe in the healing power of these rocks. 
Where can I buy fine mineral specimens or crystals for collection Online?
Looking for where to buy fine mineral specimens and crystals online? Good news, Folkmarket Gems and Mineral Shop got you covered. 

Why do the Rocks and Mineral Collectors collect Crystal and Mineral Specimens?

Most collectors collect mineral specimens because of their habits to collect minerals, for their aesthetic satisfaction for minerals, market values, for decoration to display in their cabinets, for museum to display for public, for home decorations while others want to learn more about mineralogy, the local mining industry and geology. 

The joy they derive from this adventure and their deep appreciation for these stunning creations fuel their passion. These treasures are millions of years old, and their origins are deep within the earth's core, adding to their mystique.

Popular Locations for Getting Fine Mineral Specimens

Some well-known places are the Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Tucson Gem, Arizona, Brazil's mines, Sirilanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, African Continent, Colombia  and the Himalayan region.If you cannot visit these places personally, we recommend you connect with professional gemstone collectors that can assist you in acquiring your desired mineral specimens. These collectors are accessible through platforms like .

How to Identify if a Mineral Specimen is Genuine?

It is often challenging to detect if a mineral specimen is genuine, but there are significant things you should look out for. For instance, look for signs like crystal structure, color consistency, lustre, hardness, and streak. 

Beware oF Fakes, Treated, Repairs and Other Alterations in Crystals and Mineral Specimens

The mineral collectors like to buy the specimens because they are real and in original form. However, it is not the fact. In the market, there are various types of alternation done on mineral specimens to make them look like real. A mineral collector must be aware of those alternation by human hands done to the crystals on a rock specimen. Here are few human hand made treatments done to the rocks and mineral specimens:-

1- Fakes

Fake crystals can be pasted on rocks showing them as original. For example, many spammers can alter goshenite with mica as fake glass fixed on mica. 

2- Heat Treated

Some crystals and gemstones are treated with color enhancement. Mostly done in tourmaline, aquamarine, rubilite and topaz. 

3- Irradiated

Artificially irradiation of crystals and stone specimens is very common. Irradiation examples of stones in specimens are like reddish imperial topaz from Brazil, Helidor from Pakistan, Smoky Quartz from Arkansas, Aquamarine from Brazil, brown Topaz from Pakistan and many others. 

4- Dyed Specimens

Dying stone is not so common but still found in some stones like lapislazulli, Brazilian Agates, Quartz geodes from Morocco, some Colombian emeralds or Chinese Fluorites. 

5- Synthetically Grown Crystals

Many Chinese quartz clusters are synthetically grown specimens. There are various techniques which are applied to grow synthetically grown crystals. There is created specific environment in the lab where crystals occur synthetically. Such type of crystals are usually perfect in shape and clarity. 

6- Repaired and Restored Mineral and Crystal Specimens

Some specimens are repaired. While extracting from the mines or somehow later on, crystals breaks from the mother rocks. In order to restore their original shape, the same broken crystals are glued on their original mother rocks. Such type of mineral specimens are accepted by most of the collectors. Because there is no synthetic or lab creation involved. They are 100% original. Certain damages to the specimen is repaired. However, ethically the dealers must expose and disclose the repair or restoration. 

In conclusion, mineral specimens are the most valued work of art that has been a source of inspiration for everyone. Whether purchased from renowned locales or through online platforms, genuine mineral specimens hold an enticement that adds elegance and contributes to our understanding of the earth's history.

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Rough Gemstones Wholesale- Raw Gemstones for Sale - Uncut Gemstones - Unpolished Gemstones

Folkmarket gems minerals is an online gemstone store, offering to gemstone buyers, Lapidary Artists, Gemstone Cutters; the best quality raw gemstones for sale, rough gemstones for tumbling, faceting rough gemstones for sale, uncut gemstones for wire wrapping, raw gems for cabbing, beading, carving, and other different qualities of rough gemstones for other lapidary related activities. Our rough gemstones are 100% natural in raw form. They are not treated. We offer 100% rough genuine gemstones and rocks for collectors also. If any gemstone is treated with heat or any other process, we mention the kind of gems treatment in the product description. However, as we are collecting our gemstones directly from the mine, therefore you are buying 00% natural gemstones from us.  

Type of Raw Gemstones Deals we Have

  1. Rough Gemstones for Faceting Small parcels like 20 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams 
  2. Small parcels of Rough Gemstones of medium grade for lapidary artists busy in cabbing, tumbling, carving
  3. Rough Precious Stones and rare semi-precious stones such as Swat Emeralds, Panjsheir Emeralds, Purple Kashmir Sapphires, Kashmir Rubies, Sphene, Peridots, Katlang Topaz, morganite, Tourmaline, afghanite, Spinel’s, etc 
  4. The big quantity of Rough Gemstones of Semi precision stones at commercial level or Industrial level from 100s Killo grams to Tons such as Jade, Aragonite, Oynx, Lapislazulli, Quartz, Serpentine, Kunzite, Topaz, Ruby on Zoisite, Aquamarine, Citrine, Amethyst, Morganite, Copal, Flourite, Hessonite, Hydroglossular, Burma Ambers, Spinels, Garnets, Apatite, Extremely Rare Grandidierite, Sapphires crystals, Ruby Crystals etc 
  5. Crystals for Collectors
  6. Gemstone wattages in form of powder and chips

What are Rough Gemstones / Raw Gemstones?

A gemstone in its natural form which is not yet polished, faceted, cabbed, carved, tumbled or cut will be called a rough stone or a raw gemstone. They will be exactly like they were made by mother nature.

How Can We Evaluate Rough Gemstones?

Rough gemstones are usually analyzed by good Color, Good Shape, Good Size, and Good Clarity which are normal desirable traits in rough gemstones. It also depends on customer demand. If you are faceted, you would like to see color, clarity, and size. If you are making gemstones on an industrial level in form of tumbling, cabbing, carving, you will go for Color, size only but supply and constant quantity will be your first choice. The folk market offers you both a facet-grade variety of stones and a commercial-grade quantity of stones with a permanent supply chain.

Popular Rough gemstones for Sale on Folkmarket Gems Mineral Store are natural emeralds, Kashmir Raw Sapphire, Kohistan peridots, Tourmaline, Different varieties of Quartz Crystals Rough, Aquamarine, Lapislazulli, Flourite, Mogok Spinels Rough, Topaz, Garnets, Apatite, Burma Amber, Copal, Morganite, Citrine, Amethyst, Ruby Crystals, Sapphire Crystals, Lemon Quartz, Hessonite Garnet Rough, Hydroglossular and many others.  

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