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0.22carat Yellow Sapphire | Precious Stone
136 carats Natural Raw Kashmir Sapphire
5kg Raw Sapphire Gemstones for Lapidary - Rough Sapphire Crystals
15carats Natural Kashmir Sapphires | Loose Sapphires Stone
90 carats Kashmir Sapphire
Yellow Sapphires 16 pieces
10ct Orangish Red sapphires 17 pieces
1kg Raw Sapphire - Rough Sapphire Crystals
1ct Red Sapphire 5 x 4mm Sold Out
8ct Yellow Sapphire - Faceted Gems - Loose Gemstones
30ct Red Orange Sapphires - Loose Sapphires Red Color
10ct 2mm Red Sapphires Round Brilliant Diamond Cut
12caratt Sapphires- Fancy Sapphires
1.38ct Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gem
1.20ct Blue Ceylon Sapphire
0.92ct Natural Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphire
0.63ct Natural Orange Yellow Sapphire

Best Place to Buy Loose Sapphires - Raw Sapphires for Sale

Folkmarket Gems offers you a very nice and fantastic collection of sapphires. We offer different varieties of sapphires, in a variety of colors. Folkmarket Gems is the best place to buy loose sapphires or raw sapphires for sale online.

Sapphire gemstones Online at Wholesale Prices

Folkmarket gems offer any type of sapphire gemstones for sale. They include different locations' varieties such as Srilanka, Australia, Kashmir Sapphire, Afghanistan, Burma, African, Pakistan are mainly. Sapphire from Kashmir region is one of the popular varieties of sapphires. Most of the sapphires come from the Sri Lanka location to the market. Sapphire stones are durable for jewelry. 

What are Sapphire Gemstones?

Sapphire is one of the Big 3 of colored gemstones in jewelry designing. The other two precious stones are ruby and emerald. Sapphire is a birthstone of September. Sapphire is a hot item for jewelry designers or retailers. 

Chemically, corundum is the mineral species in which two popular precious stones come that is ruby and sapphires. Red corundum is usually called a ruby. The other colored variety of corundum is usually referred to as Sapphires. Sapphire scores a 9 on the Mohs’ scale of mineral hardness, ranging on a scale from 1 to 10. Sapphire is the hardest stones after diamond. Sapphire gemstones withstand mechanical force. It means it can not be shattered if accidentally it hits against anything. 

Colors of Sapphires

Usually, sapphire is known for its blue color. But it comes in a wide range of colors and quality variations. The more color will be intense, the more sapphire will be of great value. Other than the blue color, sapphires are called fancy sapphires such as yellow, orange, green, pink, white, Padparadscha, colorless, brown, purple, reddish-purple, violet. 

Type of Sapphire Stones for Sale on Folkmarket Gems

  • We offer different varieties of natural sapphires. Srilanka sapphire is one of them. Sri Lanka sapphires are from the metamorphic region. They look exceptionally brilliant with nice sky blue color.
  • Another sapphire we offer is from Batakundi, Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan. Batakundi sapphire is located in the region from the geological lane (on side of Pakistan Azad Kashmir) in link with the popular Blue Kashmir of Jammu and Kashmir which is located in Indian occupied Kashmir. This map can explain Batakundi Kashmir Sapphire and Jammu Kashmir Sapphire 

Batakundi Sapphire Map - Kashmir Sapphire Map

  • We have listed online African sapphires also. They come from a normally igneous environment. Thus they have very high iron content. These sapphires are usually dark in color. 
  • Another variety of sapphires is from Myanmar sapphires or Thai sapphires we have. 

1- Faceted Sapphire Stones - Loose Sapphires

We have a variety of loose sapphires online on our online gemstone store. They are available in parcels, single sapphire stone, fancy, or rainbow sapphires. Faceted sapphires in parcels contain normally every color of sapphire. Loose or cut sapphire stones have the following further variety

  • Single Sapphire Stones
  • Fancy sapphires in calibration
  • Star Sapphires
  • Sapphire Tripehce
  • Multicolor or Rainbow Sapphires

2- Raw Sapphires - Uncut Sapphire Stones

We offer raw sapphires for faceting, cabbing, or wire wrapping online. They normally include purple Kashmir Sapphires from Batakundi, Blue Sapphire crystals of hexagonal shapes, Zawadi Sapphires for making cabochons. 

Disclaimer: All our sapphires are 100% Natural. Some having treatments and some are having no treatments. All are normally standard heated except red and orangish-red which are usually beryllium heated. Kashmir Purple Sapphires are 100% natural with no treatment heat or anything else. 

You can purchase sapphires in pairs in any color. You can also write us following about your demand if you have specific demand regarding sapphire stones. 


You can also write us following about your demand if you have specific demand regarding sapphire stones