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Here, we take pride to share with you comprehensive researches, providing valuable insights and information about natural gemstones and minerals. Our content covers a wide array of topics, including:-

  1. Research Works on Gems and Minerals: Stay updated with the latest scientific research and discoveries in the field of gemology and mineralogy. We explore cutting-edge studies , plan exploration plans, gemstone hunting activities to share insights into the characteristics and properties of various gemstones and minerals.
  2. Geology and Mineralogy of Gemstones: Explore the geological processes behind the formation of gemstones. Learn about the environments, conditions, and geological events that contribute to the creation of these precious natural wonders. We have highlighted the details of mineralogy, understanding the composition and structure of different types of gemstones and minerals. Explore the unique properties that make each stone distinct and valuable.
  3. healing crystals
  4. Gemstones and Crystal Shopping
  5. Faceting and Lapidary Tips and Techniques
  6. Birthstones
  7. Information about Precious-stones and semi-precious stones list
  8. Gemstone Jewelry Designing Tips
  9. Exploring Geography and Gemstone Mining: Discover the geographical locations around the globe where gemstones are mined. From the depths of mines to the surface of the earth, we explore the journey of gemstones from their origins to their extraction.
  10. New Findings in Gemstones: Learn about the latest discoveries s in the gemstone realm. Our blog keeps you updated on new gemstone deposits, rare earth minerals finds, and emerging trends in the gemstone industry.
  11. Crystal Structure and Formation: Gain insights into the e crystal structures and formation processes of gemstones and minerals. Explore the science behind their unique shapes, colors, and properties.
  12. Scientific Facts and Insights: Delight in learning fascinating scientific facts and insights about gemstones and minerals. From their historical significance to their cultural symbolism, we cover a diverse range of topics related to these natural marvels.

Whether you're a student of gemologist, a curious gemstone enthusiast, or simply someone with a passion for natural beauty and science, our blog aims to provide valuable resources and engaging content to deepen your understanding and appreciation of gemstones and minerals. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery!

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Is Ruby Very Expensive Stone? RubyGems Price Per Carat
What are 10 ways to identify a Gems and Minerals?

What are 10 ways to identify a Gems and Minerals?

There are many ways to test the stones such as hardness, fractures analysis, juding through crystal shapes and many others. Here we will discuss 10 popular testing methods one by one.
Is it Cheaper to buy Bulk loose gemstones wholesale?

Is it Cheaper to buy Bulk loose gemstones wholesale?

Buying loose gemstones in bulk gives business oppurtunities in many ways and help in boosting ways. let's discuss the ways what are they and why ?
What are the Best Stone to Practice Faceting or Gemstone Cutting?

What are the Stones to Start Faceting or Gemstone Cutting?

Selecting the stones to begin gemstone cutting is definitely a challenging. We have discussed in this article on the stones suitable for initiating this faceting process.
What is cleavage of a Crystal?: Key to Gemstone Identification

What is cleavage of a Crystal?: Key to Gemstone Identification

Cleavage is important while gemstone identification or we're dealing faceting the  rough gemstones. Learning about cleavage helps us in developing better understanding of the gemstones and crystals. Want to know more? Keep reading!
Starting gemstone business

Beginner's Guide: How to Kickstart Your Own Gemstone Business?

Read about the essential steps for launching a successful gemstone business. Explore these key points outlined in our article for detailed insights.
Mastering the Art of Faceting Emeralds: Gemstone Cutting Guide
What are methods of gemstone cutting or faceting stone?

Mastering the Art of Raw Gems Faceting:Tips for Beginners in Faceting Rough

Learn the art of gemstone faceting—master the techniques, tips, and beginner-faceting methods. let's have look at secrets of stone cutting, from initial steps to intricate facets. Explore diverse gemstone cutting techniques and approaches. Here are the fundamentals of faceting techniques:
What are the three types of gem cutting lapidary?

What are the three types of gem cutting lapidary?

Lapidary is a kind of shaping, working, and cutting of stones. The word is related and referred to small gemstones. Learn about lapidary types
5 Ethical Behavior Gemstone Dealers should adopt - Folkmarketgems

5 Ethical Behavior Gemstone Dealers should adopt

In order to be a successful gemstone and minerals dealer, you must have an ethical business attitude as a mark of your success. What is that attitude? Read .....


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