How to Order Gemstones from FolkmarketGems?

Step into the world of! We're excited to offer you a seamless experience in acquiring authentic gemstones and minerals sourced globally. Whether you're a gemstone faceting cutter, lapidary artist, jewelry designer seeking loose stones, or a collector of rare mineral specimens, Folkmarketgems is committed to fulfilling your exact requirements.

Here's a simple guide on how to order your favorite minerals or gemstones online:

1. Discover our website or browse through our Shop page at to find the gemstones and minerals that capture your attention.

2. After locating your desired items, you have two options: either register an account on our website at to monitor your order and make modifications, or simply click the 'Add to Cart' button to continue without an account and checkout as a guest.

3. When you're prepared to finalize your order, select the Checkout button and enter the necessary details, including your shipping address and payment information. Rest assured, safeguarding your privacy and security remains our utmost priority.

4.Please review all the provided information to verify your order before proceeding to make your payment. We accept various payment methods, including Shopify Payment, credit/debit cards (Visa/MasterCard), Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Meta Pay, Direct Bank Deposits, Western Union, Money Grams.

5. After placing your order, expect to receive a confirmation email that includes your tracking number. This will enable you to track the progress of your delivery and stay informed every step of the way.

Order Verification and Processing Policy

Policy Number: FMG-ORD-001
Effective Date: 01-01-2024
Last Reviewed: 01-04-2024

1. Purpose

To ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of orders placed with Folkmarketgems, the following procedures outline the verification and processing of orders.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all orders placed by customers through Folkmarketgems, including both small and large orders.

3. Policy Details

3.1 Order Verification Hold

  • All orders are subject to a verification hold by our billing department.
  • The verification process will take between 24 to 48 hours.
  • During this period, the billing department will verify the order details to ensure accuracy and legitimacy.

3.2 Order Confirmation

  • If an order passes verification, it will be confirmed.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the customer's registered email address.
  • Customers are advised to monitor their email for any notifications from Folkmarketgems regarding their orders.
  • If not confirmed, client may be asked for more information about the authenticity of orders. 

3.3 Small Order Processing

  • Small orders are processed immediately without a hold period.

3.4 Large Order Advisory

  • For orders involving larger amounts, it is recommended that customers contact Folkmarketgems prior to placing the order.
  • Contacting Folkmarketgems will also give you chance to get discounted price. 
  • This proactive communication helps in expediting the verification and processing of such orders.

4. Customer Notifications

  • Customers will receive notifications at each step of the order process, including verification hold, order confirmation, and any additional information required.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide a valid email address and to check their email regularly for updates from Folkmarketgems.

5. Contact Information

6. Exceptions

  • Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the billing department management in writing.

7. Review and Revision

  • This policy will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary to ensure its continued effectiveness and alignment with company objectives.

By adhering to this policy, Folkmarketgems aims to provide a secure and efficient ordering process, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.


Here is how can buy on . It is very easy and user friendly for anyone to buy. 

Type of Payments available

Credit or Debit Cards: 

Bank Deposit: 

Western Union / Money Grams


Steps to Adding to Cart and Checking Out

1- Choose the product you want to buy: Once you have selected the item, proceed to the checkout page.

2- Choose your payment method: On the checkout page, select the payment method you wish to use. If you want to use Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Meta Pay, look for the icons of those payment methods on the page. You can also pay via Visa card / Master Card by separately adding card information in the card option.

3- Add payment details: After choosing payment method, you can add credit card information in Google Pay, Apple Pay or other available. The payment details will be automatically filled in when you select the payment method.

4- For Payment via Bank Deposits, banking information are mentioned in checkout page or contact us via email at or or WhatsApp: +923268999919. Get 10% discount on banking deposit. In order to save fee and other security issues, larger orders are advised to place via direct bank deposits. 

Bank Deposit Details Available for Countries 

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Euro
  • Singapore
  • Turkey
  • Belgium 
  • Hungry
  • New Zealand
  • Belgium
  • All European Countries


Account holder: FMGS ROCKS LLC
Routing number: 026073150
Account number: 822000684865
Wise's address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor
New York NY 10010
United States

For local USA Bank details

Account holder: FMGS ROCKS LLC
ACH and Wire routing number: 026073150
Account number: 822000684865
Account type: Checking
Wise's address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor
New York NY 10010
United States

Contact for getting Local Bank details available for countries USA, UK, Euro Account, Australia, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey. Others can pay in International USD Account Above.

Note: Please tell us after you pay the bank deposit transfer with your order number, the amount paid, the transaction number, and the exact date you made the wire transfer.

5- Western Union and Money Gram facility is available who have no approach to banking deposit or paying online. For Western union, please follow the following credentials.

Note: Please tell us the following information after you have paid using Western Union / Money Gram

  1. The 10 digit control number.
  2. Sender's name.
  3. The exact amount you send.
  4. Sender's address.
  5. Please contact us at for details

Here is details for western union or money grams

Name: Adnan Akram
Address: F-17, Islamabad ,
Country: Pakistan
Zip code: 44000
Phone number: +923268999919
Send receipt to and place order on " Checkout page" Once confirm, items will be shipped and tracking number will be added to your order.

6- Send receipt of Bank Deposit or western union / money gram to via email at or or WhatsApp: +923268999919. A payment confirmation notice will be sent to the client email ID. 

7- Review your order: You should make sure that the product you want to buy and the payment method you have selected are correct.

8-Complete the purchase: After adding payment information, finally, click on the "Complete Purchase" or "Place Order" button to finalise the transaction.  You will receive a confirmation email of order after placing order.
For Paying via Paypal, contact Folkmarkegems for manual invoicing.

If you encounter any challenges during the ordering process, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or email at Our dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock to provide assistance and resolve any issues you may have.

We appreciate your choice of as your go-to source for gemstones and minerals. Our commitment lies in providing satisfactory customer service and assisting you in discovering precisely what you seek.

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