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Folkmarket Gems takes pride to introduce our collection regarding the the world famous trending gemstones i.e. Purple and Blue Kashmir Sapphires and Pigeon Blood Kashmir Rubies. We have direct approaches to the Kashmir mining areas from where we source ethically Natural Kashmir Sapphires and Kashmir Rubies.

In recent times, Kashmir sapphires have captured the market attention and gained a surge in popularity among the gemstone lovers and gemstone collectors. Kashmir Corundum blue or red is one of the rare gemstones that originate from the picturesque Kashmir Valley. Due to their mesmerising color, clarity and velvety color, Kashmir sapphires are increasingly popular in the jewelry market. Their scarcity, coupled with a rich history dating back to the late 19th century, adds value to this gemstone. As demand grows, these natural rare precious stones continue to gain attention and admiration. Keep visiting us for latest updates of stones in this Kashmir Sapphire | Kashmir Rubies collection page.

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Kashmir Sapphire Pair Loose Stones
Kashmir Sapphire Pair Loose Stones


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Buy Natural Kashmir Sapphires | Kashmir Rubies 

The beauty of gemstones has captivated men for centuries. The most highly prized gemstones are sapphires and rubies. In particular, Kashmir sapphires have long been considered among the world's most valuable and sought-after gems due to their unique natural purplish-pink hue. Likewise, Kashmir rubies which are known for their pigeon blood coloraturas after Burmese Rubies, are highly prized for their rich, vibrant red color. Both of these corundum varieties come from the Batakundi area of Pakistan. Batakudi area is well known for its geological deposits of stones.

Geographically, the Batakundi area is situated in the mountainous region of northern Pakistan. The region is characterised by a unique geological formation known as the Himalayan Orogenic Belt. It has created an ideal environment for the formation of natural sapphires and rubies. In this region, these unique gemstones are found in alluvial deposits that have been eroded from the surrounding mountains over thousands of years. The Kashmir sapphires and rubies are highly sought after due to their unique purplish-pink hue and stunning color saturation.

The Kashmir sapphires are characterized by their brilliant purplish-pink color, which is caused by the presence of trace amounts of chromium and iron. This unique hue is highly valued by gemstone collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. The Kashmir sapphires are also known for their exceptional clarity and hardness which is a result of the high-altitude and extreme weather conditions that exist in the area. This makes the sapphires and rubies the most hardest stones in the world.

In addition to the Kashmir sapphires, the Batakundi area of Pakistan is also known for its exceptional Kashmir rubies. These rubies are prized for their deep red color, which is caused by the presence of trace amounts of chromium.

Their unique color, clarity, and saturation set both gemstones apart from other gemstones and make them highly sought after by collectors and jewelry designers. The rarity of these gemstones further adds to their value, as they are only found in small quantities in the Batakundi area of Pakistan.

The mining and extraction of these precious gemstones require extensive expertise and careful handling while extracting them from the high altitude. This is also because the Batakundi area is located in a remote and mountainous region. The difficult pathways and hilly area makes the mining process challenging. The gemstones are extracted using traditional methods, and their extraction requires extensive knowledge of the geological and mineralogical composition of the region.

In conclusion, the Kashmir sapphires and rubies from the Batakundi area of Pakistan are exceptional gemstones that are highly valued and sought after by collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. Their unique color, clarity, and saturation set them apart from other gemstones, making them highly desirable and valuable. The geological and gemological properties of these gemstones make them a true natural wonder and a testament to the beauty and diversity of our planet.

How much is a Kashmir Sapphire worth?

Kashmir Sapphire is becoming one of the most highly demanding and valuable investment for jewelry in the market recently. The main factor which increased the value of Natural Kashmir Sapphire is a world record set by by Christie's Auction House when they sold a 35.09-carat Kashmir blue sapphire for $7,357,999 ( $209,689 per carat). The price set was because of following primary factors:-





Kashmir Sapphires are unique because of their unique velvet color which often reflect light from all angles when cut. This quality make them the most brilliant looking stone. These sapphires are also rare and have set reputation for being the perfect centrepiece in importance pieces of sapphire jewellery. Despite being hit by blue color, the purplish pink with velvet color hue is also increasing its demand day by day. The purplish pink with velvet hue is coming from Batakundi area of Pakistan Kashmir.