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Explore rare fluorescent Hackmanite raw stones at FolkmarketGems. Hackmanite, a unique variant of sodalite, will be unique touch to your gemstone collections. Browse online at FolkmarketGems multiple deals on uncut Hackmanite stone for your faceting / lapidary work or loose hackmantie stones for jewelry designs. 

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Deals on Rare Mineral Fluorescent Hackmanite Raw Stone for Lapidary
Deals on Rare Mineral Fluorescent Hackmanite Raw Stone for Lapidary
$300.00USD From $250.00USD

Glimpses of Rarity: Explore the Hackmanite Gemstones Raw Cut

What is Hackmanite stone?

 The Hackmanite is a stone that is made with sulfur chloric sodium aluminum silicate, it belongs to sodalite family. It is famous because of its uniqueness.it is a crystal which has different from messes, cubic, and octahedral. This is from some rare minerals known as chameleons, which change their color when it is reveal to Sunlight and it’s this quality is called tenebrescence. It can be in many colors like green, gray, yellow pink, and blue, but commonly, it is found in dusty white color. 1st time it was discovered in Greenland in 1901 and was discovered by L.H. Bergstrom. This mineral was named hackmanite the, the name of famous geologist Victor Axel Hackman.

Composition of Rare Hackmanite Gemstone

Hackmanite stone is a unique stone that belongs to the sodalite family. It is famous because of its tenebrescence, which means that it changes its colors when it is revealed in sunlight and UV. 1st time it was discovered in Greenland in 1901, and it was named after the famous geologist Heckman.

It is mined in multiple regions in the world like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Canada, Norway, and Russia, it is called sodium aluminum silicate chloride. Its formula is (Na8Al6Si6O24(Cl2, CO3, SO4)). The addition of sulfur adds to its remarkable tenebrescent quality, allowing it to change color when it is shown to UV light.

When was Hackmanite Stone Discovered?

Some studies show it was discovered in 1896, and at the same time, some other stats show that it was discovered in 1901 in the country of Greenland by Borgstroem. It changes its color in sunlight it is because of Sulphur in it. Its color-changing property is called tenebrescence. It gains the quick attention of gem enthusiasts and gem collectors because of its color-changing properties. Hackmanite was later named in honor of the Geologist Victor Axel Hackman. With time, it was mined in different locations, including Afghanistan, Myanmar, Canada, Norway, and Russia. Its rarity, coupled with its remarkable color-changing quality, makes hackmanite a fascinating and prized addition to the world of gemstones.

At Folkmarketgems, being a reliable resource of gemstones, it’s our responsibility to provide hackmanite stones to our valuable customers with unique properties and origins like Afghanistan and Myanmar Can, Ada, Norway, and Russia. Our collection of hackmanite on the folk market shows the different qualities that are best suited for enthusiasts and collectors. Explore the amazing world of hackmanite with Folkmarketgems.

Different varieties of Hackmanite Available with FolkmarketGems

Basically, hackmanite varies because of its properties, shape, and colors. As we all know, it is a sulfur sulfur-rich sodium mineral that is formed with the composition of low silica and alkaline magmas. It is a crystal that has different shapes like masses, cubic, and octahedral, with unique fluorescence properties. It shows various colors like grey, green, purple, pale, and pink, but especially in grayish-white.

Hackmanite Gemstone Colors

Hackmanite are gems that are commonly found in pink to violet, but They can quickly change their color to grey or greenish white if it is showed to sunlight. But will gain their original color slowly, as we know that hackmanite changes their color quickly, which makes it the best choice for gems enthusiasts and gems collectors as well as jewelers. hackmanite crystal is well known for its blue color, which, like traditional royal blue, is mainly used in jewelry making. 

At Folkmarketgems, we offer you a wide range of hackmanite gemstones, which represent their amazing colors and distinctive qualities. Check out the chameleon-like nature of hackmanite with our carefully curated selection, and you can find which best suits you. We also welcome customer orders. Feel free to contact us.

  • Fluorescent Hackmanite Stone for Lapidary
  • UV Reactive Hackmanite Stone for Lapidary
  • Rare Mineral Fluorescent Hackmanite Raw Stone for Lapidary

Is Hackmanite a Rare Stone?

Hackmanite is extremely rare, especially the gem grade stone. Hackmanite is basically a variety of sodalite. It shows tenebrescence. This phenomenon of changing color while exposing to UV Light. When Hackmanite is exposed to UV light, it can temporarily change from a pale or colorless state to a more intense violet or pink color. The rarity of the hackmanite gemstone makes it a desired gemstone for collectors. 

 The major quantity of hackmanite is produced from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a land of rich deposits of natural minerals and gemstones and most of the land is unexplored till now. L.C Boergstroem was the first who discovered Hackmanite in 1896 around Greenland. The name of hackmanite was kept in the name after Victor Axel Hackman, a Finnish geologist. In Afghanistan, Hackmanite is a  result of Metamorphism, Igneous Activity. 

What are Uses of Raw Hackmanite Stones?

Hackmanite used in jewelry: 

Hackmanite is cut and polished to convert it into a stunning gemstone. This gemstone is precious because of its ability to change the colors when it is exposed to the sunlight. It has various uses, hackmanite jewelry includes

  • Hackmanite ring
  • Hackmanite bracelet
  • Hackmanite pendants 
  • Hackmanite earrings

Hackmanite for collectors: 

Hackmanite gem is a favorite choice for enthusiasts and collectors because of its color changing properties and rarity. It is a valuable addition to the gemstone’s collections because of its unique properties.

Lapidary Artistry of Hackmanite: 

Lapidary artists love hackmanite because of its color-changing property. When cut and polished, hackmanite can be incorporated into jewelry pieces, sculptures, or other lapidary artworks, showcasing its unique visual appeal.

Decorative Pieces of Hackmanite: 

Hackmanite's distinctive color-changing nature makes it a favorite choice for decorative items. The gemstone may be used in creating ornamental pieces, such as vases, carvings, or inlays, adding a touch of uniqueness to decor.

How Do We Identify that Hackmanite is the Real Stone?

As we know, hackmanite changes its color when it is exposed to sunlight. So before buying the stone you should test whether it is real or fake.

  1. Color Change: One of the distinctive features of the Hackmanite is its ability to change its color when it is exposed to sunlight because of its tenebrescence, which shows its color change. If the stone exhibits this property, it's a good indication of its authenticity.
  2. UV Reactivity: Hackmanite is fluorescing under UV light. If you have access to UV light, then you can check its authenticity, whether it is real or fake Hackmanite.

The last and final thing is that find a reliable and authentic source while buying a hackmanite stone. FolkmarketGems is customers' priority in the world of gemstones. Don’t waste time. If you are looking to buy your stone, then you are at the right place.

Where to Buy Real Hackmanite Gemstone?

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