Exploring The World Most Rare Gemstones - List Number One

Exploring The World Most Rare Gemstones - List Number One

Some gemstones are called rare due to their sole occurrence in a single location. The meaning of word "rare" is for being an item " unusually remarkable". Among gemstones, rarity stands as a highly prominent characteristics. Yet, appointing the true sense pf rarity in each gem remains elusive to many. Though many of the gemstones possess a degree of rarity, some stones are notably scarcer than others.

Why Some Gemstones are called " Rare"?

What Determines the Rarity of Gemstones? Gemstone rarity is set for various factors. While each factor is contributing to its uniqueness in the market. Primarily, the scarcity of a gemstone is directly linked to its market value: the rare and more challenging, any gemstone is to obtain, the higher its value and worth. Here are several reasons why certain gemstones are called rare:

  1. Singular Locality: Some gemstones are found in a single geographic location, making their access limited.
  2. Abundance vs. Gem Quality: While a gemstone may be abundant, those of high gem quality stones within that abundance would be exceptionally rare.
  3. Rare Earth Elements: Gemstones having rare earth elements are inherently scarce because of the rarity of these elements.
  4. Unique Characteristics: Certain gemstones possess unique qualities and characteristics that make them distinguish, proving them rare.
  5. Limited Production:  Rare Gemstones with limited production also contribute to their uniqueness and rarity, as they are not always available in the market.
  6. Market Availability: Some gems are rarely found in the market which further enhance their rarity.
  7. Accessibility Challenges: The difficulty in accessing stones deposits can significantly restrict their availability, adding to a value to their rarity.
  8. Regulatory and Environmental Factors: Legal restrictions, environmental concerns, and certain limitations on gems mining sites can affect the gemstones supply which directly influence their rarity.
  9. Unique Geological Occurrences: Extraordinary geological events or occurrences often lead to the formation of rare gems. Their geological and geographic characteristics attract the interest of collectors and enthusiasts.

Unique and extraordinary items never fail to catch the people imagination and stand out their niche in the market. The gems loving People are ready to acquiring rare stones that set them apart from others. This should be placing value on the rarity of what they possess. The desire to look unique from the crowd is a universal desire, and gemstones are no exception from this rule.

The desire for individuality motivates individuals to look for these rare gems. Just as people appreciate the unique possessions, the rarity of stones adds to their beauty, making them highly desireable items in the market.

List of the most rare stones, FolkmarketGems has added to its collection

1- Kashmir Sapphires

The Kashmir Sapphire is one of the most exceptional

gems in the world of rare gemstones. Notably, the blue Kashmir Sapphire is extremely scarce compared to other sapphire colors. Remarkably, mining of blue Kashmir Sapphire ceased as far back as in 1900s in Indian side Kashmir Valley. Presently, sapphire mining predominantly is being done on the Pakistani side of the Kashmir valley. This region, situated in Batakundi, produce the sapphires colors ranging from purplish-red to pink, often  having hints of purple or blue. While some purplish-blue stones are also coming from the Kashmir mine of Pakistan. However, still the pure blue Kashmir Sapphire remains exceptionally rare, even with this particular mine.

2- Rare Pink Topaz

The Rare Pink Topaz is one of the imperial topaz variety.

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It has a delicate baby pink hue in other topaz colors which is extremely rare. While most imperial topaz available in the market undergo irradiation or heating treatment to enhance their reddish pink color, the Katlang pink topaz is 100% entirely natural. This is originating from the Katlang region of Pakistan. Despite its rarity, gem-quality pink topaz variety is not commonly found in the market. The Katlang mine, however, is producing baby pink topaz terminated crystals along with specimens within mother rock formations is highly appreciated by the crystal collectors. Folkmarketgems takes pride to offer you Katlang topaz in raw, cut and specimen form.

3- Fluorescent Hackmanite

Hackmanite, a rare gemstone, is popular for its scarcity

and unique quality. This is primarily sourced from Afghanistan. Hackmanite is popular for its unique trait of glowing orangish yellow under UV light. This is a a phenomenon known as UV reaction and gems are called UV Reacted Gemstones or Fluorescent Gems. Its color ranges from purplish pink to bluish purple. Despite its strong demand in the market, finding a gem-quality hackmanite is exceptionally rare.

At Folkmarketgems store online, we proudly present a selection of hackmanite stones which is including facet-grade raw for cutting, hackmanite specimens, lapidary roughs, crystals for collectors and loose hackmanite stones for jewelry designers. Explore our rare stone collection to discover the beauty of hackmanite firsthand.

4- Rare Axinite

Axinite is another scarce gemstone which is hardly found

in gem-quality. Thi sis sourced primarily from Skardu, Pakistan, and certain areas on the Fata side of Pakistan. Axinite has brownish chocolate hue  with a remarkable crystal structure. Gem-quality axinite suitable for cutting is quite rare due to its limited production availability. Axinite Crystals combination on specimen look very beautiful. We offer raw axinite for cutting, single crystals and cabs grade axinite stones. 

5- Bastnasite

Bastnasite holds a unique color-changing

property while appearing red in yellow light and yellow in white light. This rare gemstone is characterized by its reddish-brown hue. This is very popular stone for its color-shifting ability. Despite its popularity among color-changing stones, finding a gem quality bastnasite is quite rare. Look at the rare collection in our store for bastnasite deals in raw and cut stones. 

 6- Grandidierite

Grandidierite is the most rare mineral in the world.

It is found only in one location that is Madagascar. This is popular for its Paraiba like colors and gem quality grandidierite is hardly found. After Paraiba tourmaline, grandidierite is one of the most expensive stone due to its rarity. Grab the grandidierite deals with us on loose grandidierite, cabochons, and loose raw stones for lapidary work. 

7- Vayrynenite

Vayrynenite crystals are recently discovered in Skardu,

Pakistan. They are currently available in small sizes. Despite their tiny dimensions, these Vayrynenite  crystals have a striking reddish-pink hue and unique crystal formations which attract the mineral collectors. Their scarcity of Vayrynenite contributes significantly to their high value in the gemstone market.

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