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Folkmarket is pleased to offer you variety of natural lapis lazulli stone offers in both raw and cut form. We have rough lapis of every quality such as Medium to Good Quality, A, AA, AAA grade. Lapis is available in tons with us for those who want to invest in large quantity of lapis. For buying lapis in bulk, please contact us with your complete demand request at Email or WhatsApp: +923268999919 / +66617237765

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Natural Lapislazulli Bolders
Natural Lapislazulli Bolders



Natural Lapis Lazuli Pendant silver sterling 925 Gemstone for sale


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Buy Rough Lapis Lazulli Stones | Loose Blue Lapis

Lapis lazulli is a stone basically from Afghanistan. It is a blue gemstone. It comes with lazurite color and pyrite also.

Lapis lazuli is a stunning blue stone that has been prized for its blue color for centuries. Lapis has been used in Eygpt Pyramids also. The Pharaos women used to lapis in their ornaments and jewelry. This Blue stone is primarily originated in Afghanistan, where it has been mined for over 6,000 years. The geology of blue lapis lazuli is quite fascinating. Lapis is a metamorphic rock that is formed from the intense heat and pressure. These rock occurs deep within the Earth's crust. Lapis is composed mainly of the mineral " lazurite"giving it its blue color, as well as pyrite, which gives it its characteristic golden flecks.

The chemical formula of lapis lazuli is Na8(Al6Si6O24)(S,SO)4. This indicates its complex composition of sodium, aluminum, silicon, sulfur, and oxygen. This unique combination of these minerals gives lapis lazuli its distinctive appearance making it a highly desired stone for use in jewelry, lapidary art, carving and other decorative items.

In lapidary, lapis lazuli is being used or created into a stunning pieces for jewelry making in form of beads, cabochons, pendants , such as earrings, necklaces, and rings, as well as decorative items like sculptures and carvings. The lapis stone is often shaped and polished to and its deep blue color and golden flecks make it a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary designs.

Folkmarket offers variety of natural lapis lazulli packages in rough lapis stone and cut form. We have lapis in following:-

  • Raw Lapis with low grade color
  • Raw Lapis of medium grade with medium blue color called A grade
  • Raw Lapis with good color called AA
  • Top Grade Raw lapis with 90% blue color called AAA
  • Lapis Tumbles
  • Lapis Balls
  • Lapis Beads
  • Lapis bracelets
  • Lapis Pendnats of different form
  • Custom lapidary options are available for raw lapis

    Lapis lazuli is also believed to have metaphysical properties. Many people link the stone with myths and beliefs such as they use it for spiritual healing and meditation. Lapis lazulli is symbolized to promote inner peace, wisdom, and intuition. These myths and beliefs are making it a popular choice for those seeking balance and harmony in their lives.

    lapis lazuli is a truly stunning gemstone with a rich history and an everlasting beauty.

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