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Welcome Folkmarket Gems Mineral RocksWith 25+ Years of Experience

We are dealing with Natural Gemstones, minerals and crystals in form of rough gemstones for sale, uncut gemstones for faceting, loose gemstones, fine faaceted gems, fine mineral speciemns, and many other stuff related to gemstones. Folkmareket gems store is perfect place for rock collectors as well. We enertain commercial level and small medium industries or gemstone individuals. We help by providing the genuine gemstones at the lowest price to boost their gemstone business in gemstone markets. We are wholesale gemstones dealers having 25 plus years of experience in collecting natural gemstones, minerals and rocks from all over the world.

FMGS (Folkmarket Gems and Mineral shop online provides the oppurtunity to gemstone buyers who are looking for buying loose gemstones online or raw gemstones for faceting such as sapphire rough, emerald stone rough, peridots, tourmaline, rubies, and many other gemstones related to their gemstone business. Investing in genuine gemstone instead fake.

Why we are Genuine?

We are sitting near by gemstone mines. We have direct access to gems mining in Pakistan especially. We purchase our gemstone stuff directly from mine owners from other place of the world also. Especially for spinels, amber, sapphires, we have direct contacts with Burma / Srilanka Gemstone miners. Similar is the case with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a heaven of natural gemstones and minerals. Panjsheir emeralds, tourmaline, lapislazulli, morganite and many other stuff comes to us from direct gems mining owners to Pakistan. We have variety of gemstones in Pakistan as well.


25+ Years of Experience

We have deep experience in Natural Gemstones and Minerals

10,000+ Happy Customer

Our customers are always happy with us. We have regular 3000 customers who are listed with us. Other customers come to us occasionally.

Provide Secure Payment Gateways

We provide secure payment gateways such as Paypal / Visa Card Online for those gemstone buyers who are ready to pay through our gemstone store online.

Genuine Gems and Minerals

You will get us 100% natural gemstones, real gems. Especially gemstones in Pakistan or gemstones in Afghanistan, Burma Srilanka, are pure as we sitting near by mines. However if any kind of treatment is done, we disclose at the start of dialogue. Treatment of stones must be mentioned in product detail also on our store.

100% Genuine Gemstones, Rocks and Minerals

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