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Discover our stunning collection of rough emerald gemstones, cut loose emerald gemstones, and raw emeralds for sale at Folkmarketgems. Sourced from the finest mines around the world, these enchanting green gems are perfect for crafting exquisite jewelry pieces, adding to your gemstone collection or seeking the powerful energies these stones are known for.

Emeralds, with their alluring green hues and beauty, have attracted the civilizations for centuries. As a precious gemstone, the emeralds have a rich geological history that adds to their allure. The geology of emeralds is ensure their authenticity and value.

Geological Formation of Emerald Stones

Emeralds belong to the beryl mineral family. Emeralds are formed through a hydrothermal activity. Emeralds are generally located in such regions where where magma interacts with nearby rocks, such as in metamorphic environments. The color of emeralds is by presence of  chromium and vanadium during their formation which gives emeralds their distinctive green color.

Emerald Stone Specifications

  • Mineral: Beryl
  • Formula: Be3Al2(SiO3)6
  • Crystal structure: hexagonal
  • Hardness:
  • 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale
  • Color: green, yellow-green, bluish-green
  • Transparency: transparent to opaque
  • Luster: vitreous
  • Density: 2.76
  • Refractive index: 1.569-1.602
  • Cleavage: indistinct
  • Streak: White
  • Fluorescence: None

Mining Location of Natural Emeralds

Emerald deposits can be traced  and found in various regions. Some of the renowned sources include Colombia, Zambia, Ethopia, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia. Each location gives unique variations in color, clarity, and quality. Colombian emeralds are known for their brilliant green color and exceptional clarity, are among the most highly demanded. Swat Emeralds are having rich green colors. Swat color is almost one of the top color in emerald stones. Panjshir emeralds comparatively are known for stunning brilliance, clarity and sizes. 

Characteristics and Evaluations of Natural Emeralds

While evaluating emerald stones, there are involved several factors. Color is a primary criterion, with vibrant and intense green shades being highly valued. Clarity refers to the presence of impurities which can impact an emerald's value. The size of emerald per carat  in weight and cut also contribute to enhance appeal of emerald stones. Emeralds are evaluated on following grounds:-

  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Weight Size

Market accepted prices of emeralds can be as following:-

  • Commercial-grade or medium grade: $10-525 per carat
  • Good Si to VS: $250-$1125 per carat
  • Fine Quality VVS : $1100-$2900 per carat
  • Extra fine Eye Clean to Loup Clean: $2.9k-9.8k+ per carat

Authenticity of Genuine Emerald Stone

To buy genuine emeralds, it is vital to focus on ethical and reputable sources. The certification should be done to get idea of genuine of emeralds. 

Natural Swat Emeralds

Swat Emeralds are popular and graded for their rich, vibrant hues that range from deep forest greens to vibrant teals, the lush green landscapes. The best color in emeralds is that of Swat Valley Stones. Swat Emeralds are called as " hidden gemstones". Swat emeralds are also known as " Pakistani Emeralds". They have recently captured attention of gems collectors around the world. Popular for their mesmerising saturation and hues, Swat Emeralds are graded for their rich green intense color, hue, saturation. Their color range from vivid green to vivid grass green to deep rich green forests. The color is the result of chromium and vanadium presence during the formation of stone.  

The geological conditions of Swat Valley, the presence of schist and granite especially is contributing formation of Swat Emeralds. Mining of emeralds in Swat is done ethically. 

Best Place to Buy Natural Emerald Raw Cut

If you are looking for the natural emerald stones, raw or cut?  Folkmarket Gems offer an exceptional collection of 100% genuine emerald stones, ensuring the authenticity. Whether you're a gem collector, lapidary artist, gemstone cutter, faceter or a jewellery designer, or someone seeking a special emerald stone gift, Folkmarketgems is the best place to buy natural emeralds.

With a reputation for excellence, Folkmarket Gems takes great pride in offering a wide range of emerald stones ethically sourced and carefully selected.  Whether you prefer the raw emerald stones, uncut emeralds or a dazzling cut emerald stone, Folkmarket Gems offers all. Folkmarket gems, one will get 100% natural emeralds raw or cut. 

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Some Documentary about Emerald Mining

Some Documentary about Emerald Mining

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