Emerald Gemstones for Sale - Wholesale Emerald Rough Stones

We are providing wholesale rough Emerald Stones directly from the mine. Here are listed some sample emerald stone lots with quality, detail, and types we have with us. Mostly emerald stones are being mined from Swat, Pakistan, and Panjsheir, Afghanistan. 

Swat Emeralds and Panjsheir Emeralds

Natural Green Emerald Stones from Swat is quite unique in color. Swat is producing the world's richest green color in emeralds. They do not need any kind of treatment in enhancing color. However, the more there will be a big size of Swat Emerald, the more Swat emerald clarity will be less. Most clarity of Swat emeralds comes from size under 1 carat to 7 carats. Big clear emerald stones also come. But it is very rare to get a big size in Swat Emerald. Swat Emeralds are perfect for fixing in watches. Swat Emerald in melee sizes come outstanding.

Natural Swat Emerald technical information:-

S.G of Swat Emeralds 2.75 to 2.78
Bi Refrangent  0.007
Rock Types Metamorphic
Occurrence talc-quartz-carbonate enclosed in ultramafics


Then we have Panjsheir Emeralds from the Panjsheir Mine of Afghanistan. Afghanistan Emeralds or Colombian Emerald Stones are rich in clarity but their color is less than Swat. Panjsheir emeralds come in every size from small to big sizes. 

Formation of Emerald Stones

The emerald takes form in the crust of Earth. The process of making an emerald consists of millions of years. Emerald needs a beryllium atom. Beryllium itself is a rare element. In order to become quality emerald stones, they need perfect specific heat, temperature, and pressure. It happens usually on the deep earth. Emeralds are found in the depth of Earth where there must be the right temperature and pressure. 

Emerald takes formation from 1 molecule in a particular condition. When the hydrothermal liquid comes out of Magma from the Earth's crust, hydrothermal veins takes formation with the help of hot water. Emerald can occur in this condition if it is suitable for it and if there is a beryllium element. 

Co-louring of Emeralds: Emerald color is due to chromium