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Folkmarket offers 100% natural raw peridot stones directly from mined and loose peridot stones faceted from peridot mines in Pakistan mainly. Pakistan has the main area of Kohistan for the world's best peridot gemstone reserves. The Supet mine is producing dark olive green color with the hue of emerald green and blackish tone which makes the peridot from Pakistan quite unique. 

Peridot Supat Mine Kohistan
 Peridots from this region are glassy, having water that causes luster, brilliance after faceting. The olivine color of Peridots is brilliant, dark, and interesting. Raw peridot stones come in big sizes up to 50 grams. Normal sizes of green peridots are under 1 gram to 5 gram which comes in the best quality and quantity. 
Natural Peridot Gemstones


Peridot Gemstones in Pakistan

Recently, Peridot stones from Pakistan are getting an international presence rapidly. The Gemstone dealers are taking interest in Raw peridots from Pakistan. The quality Pakistan Gemstone, Peridot is absolutely great. 

Other countries producing Peridots are Sri Lanka,  Ethiopia, Tanzania, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Norway (Söndmöre) and Italy, ...and meteorites, like the famous olivine-bearing pallasite from Esquel, Argentina.

Types of Peridot Stones Folkmarket Gems Offers

  • Raw Peridot Stones or Rough Peridot for sale
  • Loose Peridot Stones or Already Faceted Peridot Stones 
  • Peridot Tumbles and Cabochons

Raw Peridot Stones or Rough Peridot for Sale

Raw Peridot Stones come in rough form. They include both Pakistan-based, Burma Peridot, African peridots, and Chinese peridots. However, 80% of our peridot stock is collected from Kohistan mine of Pakistan. They include small rough peridot lots or rough facet stones big parcels. 


Loose Peridot Stones / Faceted Peridot Stones

Loose peridot stones are already faceted or cut into different shapes. Mostly peridot gemstones are cut into Pakistan and Thailand. We offer a large amount of commercial quantity of peridots also. However, faceted peridots from supat mines are specially cut carefully to give them a beautiful look. Loose peridot stones are available in both small and big quantity parcels. They are 100% natural peridots. There is no treatment done.

August Birthstone Peridot

Peridot, spinel, and sardonyx are the three birthstones for August Month. Peridot is yellowish-green or olivian green to greenish-yellow. Peridot is a variety of minerals olivine. Peridot August birthstone had great value in ancient times and medieval cultures. The priests of the time used to wear peridot jewelry. The peridot birthstone has been a prominent stone and used for centuries. The people believed that peridot is a protective talisman or works as shielding the evil spirits that is especially " terrors of the night". 

History of Peridot Stones

Sometimes, peridot stones were considered a variety of topaz and emeralds. Island of Topazios usually produced peridots along with topaz. The Cologne Cathedral was decorated with 200 carats of natural gemstones. They were supposed to be emeralds but in fact, they were August birthstone peridot. Cologne Cathedral was The Shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Germany. Some historians believed that Cleopatra's famous emerald collection was actually of olivian peridot stones. 

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Peridot has first discovered in Zabargad island of Eygpt 1500 BC.  Learn more about peridot here ..... Read this