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Folkmarket offers a variety of raw gemstones for sale and loose gemstones online. Among them, rough spinel and loose spinel gemstones are one of the best stone collections with us. Our spinels are mostly collected from Myanmar. Along with Burma spinels, we also have spinels from other regions of the world such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Tajikstan, and Srilanka. We have rough and faceted spinels in all colors.

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Spinel is a new stone in the gemstone market around the world. This has gained popularity and considered is the most important gemstone in this era. Previously, spinels used to be found along with rubies. That is why it was also considered a ruby gemstone. Spinel is a gem-quality mineral. Spinel comes in different variety of color ranges. This colored stone comes in pink-orange, red, reddish-pink, purple, grey, black, colorless, blue, and many other colors. The rare red spinels are like red rubies. Fine spinels are rare than even rubies. However, somewhat paradoxically, spinel stones are more affordable. Spinels are said to have wonderful healing properties as per traditional beliefs and myths. Spinel gemstone is August Birthstone. 

Raw Spinel for Sale - Raw Spinel Crystal

We have many types of raw spinel for sale varieties. They are listed as follows:-

  • Raw spinel crystals in the octahedral form
  • Rough spinel for faceting
  • Rough Spinel for beading and cabbing

Loose Spinel Gemstones for Sale - Faceted Spinels

Folkmarket also offers different varieties of loose spinel gemstones for sale in faceted spinel form. The package of faceted spinels are listed below

  • Calibrated mm size spinels
  • Emerald shape spinels
  • Mixed size spinels

Where we can wear Spinel Gemstones?

Spinel is a birthstone of August. However, spinel has been a royal gemstone for centuries. Green spinel is an alternative 9th wedding anniversary stone. Red for alternative 16th Wedding Anniversary stone. Blue spinel is for the 65th Wedding Anniversary stone. 

Natural Spinel Stone Meaning

Spinel stone meaning is " polished by the spirits" in the Burmese language. Spinels stones are said to be found in the Mogok Stone Track area, Myanmar. Portuguese navigators reported the Mogok spinels during the early 16th century. They called the spinel stones a "rubi-espinela". 

Rough Spinel Crystal Structure

Natural spinel gemstones have an octahedral crystal structure, a magnesium and aluminum oxide, that crystallizes in the cubic, or isometric, system.

History of Spinel Stones

The Red spinel gemstones were classified as Ruby till 1783. The spinel stone was first discovered in 1779. Though, it was known by the people for centuries prior. It is said it was J. Demeste who recorded the spinel gemstone. He chose the name from Latin word " spinella" which means " little thorn". 

Traditional Spinel Stone Meaning / Myths about Spinel Gemstones

Spinels are well known for the following attributes.


Spiritual Evolution

A Stone of Hope and Courage

It eliminates the negative thoughts

Full of Energy

Compassion and Devotion

A stone for the joy of life

Disclaimer: It should be kept in mind that these are traditional myths and beliefs about spinel. These are not scientifically proved. 

 What is  Cut Spinel Stone Price per carat or Rough Spinel Price Per Carat?

Spinel Price Guide

The price of any loose gemstones for sale or raw gemstones for sale is defined by different criteria. They especially are color, clarity, cut, carat. It is important to analyze all factors before determining the pricing of cut spinels or rough spinel price per carat. 

Prices current as of 2021.

ColorCaratPrice Per Carat (USD)Vivid Red - Burma1.0 - 3.0$1000 - $5000-3.0 - 5.0$5000 - $9000-5.0+$10,000+Red 1.0 - 5.0$800 - $5000Jedi Pink - Burma1.0 - 5.0$800 - $5000Hot Pink1.0 - 5.0$500 - $3000Cobalt Blue - Vietnam0.8 - 3.0$2000 - $8000Grey & Lavender1.0 - 5.0$90 - $1000Fancy Colors1.0 - 5.0$20 - $1000

 Important Readings: 

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