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Buy Wholesale Rough Gemstones, Loose Gemstones, Raw Crystals Bulk, Tumbled Stones, Commercial Gemstones with Custom Orders

Folkmarket gems mineral shop is specialized in bulk rough stones, raw crystals bulk, Faceted / loose gemstones wholesale. We collect our gemstones directly from the mine in raw form and get them cut at available cutting facilities in bulk. Therefore, wholesale gemstone buyers and customers can get competitive low price rough gems and faceted gemstones (already cut gemstones). In wholesale purchase, buyers get maximum discount on large quantity orders. This allows them to resell gemstones at a good price on the market, or even if they want to cut them or use them in jewelry making, they can have a very good and handsome profit margin. 

Our bulk gemstone prices are for our wholesale gemstone buyers which we offer at low and competitive prices. At wholesale rough gemstones and crystals sale, wholesale loose gemstones tumbled stones, cabochons, the prices are lowest from 10% to 50% below the prices listed on the website. Therefore, one can avail a huge impact on their gemstone business by our wholesale gemstone prices. 

The Folk Market gets and collects natural gemstones and crystals directly from the mines (mainly from Pakistan and Afghanistan though we import from overseas sources also), we receive new gems and minerals on a daily basis. It is very difficult for us to update new material on our website on a regular basis. Therefore, we have an option of the custom inquiry form, if you have any specific demand, which you don't see on our website, you can fulfill the following form and send us. We will try our best to fulfill your demand. You can also visit our Instagram gallery where we update the new parcels on daily basis.  .

We ensure to our customers that all of our gemstones whether raw or cut loose gemstones are 100% natural. We get our raw material cut by ourselves from Bangkok and Lahore, Pakistan. Faceted Loose Gemstones are purely made from our raw material by which we ensure, are 100% natural. There are no imitated stones or synthetic. Certificates are available on demand. You can select any piece from the material by yourself of your choice, which we can certify from a lab available in Pakistan or Bangkok, Thailand. Some certificates are already available on online loose parcels. 

 List of Gemstones

Folk market Gems Rock offers a variety of natural gemstones and minerals. We sell 100% genuine gemstones in rough gems, loose gemstones already faceted, tumbles, cabochons. Many of our stones are listed above for direct checkout by Paypal or credit card. Apart from gemstones listed on the store ready for buying, we also offer custom gemstone inquiries. If you have specific gemstone or mineral requirements, you can write us an email with all details. We will reach you shortly by working on your gemstone requirements.

If you have specific demand about custom gems order not listed on our website, contact us via Or send following form after completing.  Click to fill form to get custom stone inquiry......