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List of Popular Blue Gemstones Names - Folkmarketgems Blue Gems Deals

Why are Blue Gemstones Popular? 

Blue gemstones are popular and appealing for several reasons. First, blue is frequently linked to calm, serenity, and quiet attributes. Blue gemstones are widely valued for their relaxing and peaceful properties. Furthermore, many people find that blue gemstones evoke images of the sky and sea. The blue stone symoolizes stability, depth, and vastness.

List of Blue gemstones Names with Color Shades

Detail of Popular Blue Gemstones Names and FolkmarketGems Deals

At Folkmarketgems, we provide various cut and raw blue stones. Some of the well-known blue gemstones in our collection are:-

Blue Precious Gemstones

1-Blue Sapphire 

Blue sapphire is one of the most popular and

desirable blue gemstones, admired for its breathtaking colour and remarkable brilliance. At Folkmarketgems, we have a wide range of blue sapphire collections, such as:

  • Kashmir Sapphire: Kashmir sapphire is a rare and beautiful stone widely demanded due to its velvety blue colour and outstanding purity. These gems come from 
  • Ceylon Sapphire: Ceylon sapphire is sometimes referred to as Sri Lankan sapphire. These gemstones are highly valued for their brilliant blue colour and superb transparency. These gemstones come in various blue hues, from light sky blue to deep royal blue.
  • African Sapphire: African sapphires have an extensive range of colours and qualities. They are collected from mines located in different nations throughout the African continent. Because of their rich blue colour, African sapphires are a versatile option for jewellry. 
  • Australian Sapphire: Australian sapphire is valuable for its unique colour differences and excellent durability. It is recognized for its deep blue colour with touches of green or teal. In the eastern Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland, among others, these gemstones are frequently found in alluvial deposits.
  • Myanmar Sapphire: Myanmar sapphire comes from the Mogok area of Myanmar (formerly Burma). These stones are highly valued for their vivid blue hue and outstanding clarity. These gemstones are in high demand among collectors and enthusiasts because of their remarkable brilliance and deep colour saturation. 
  • Afghan Sapphire: Afghan sapphire is highly valued for its natural beauty and rich blue colour. It is mined from the country's harsh highlands. These gemstones frequently include unique inclusions and colour zoning to enhance their appeal and uniqueness.

Type of Blue Sapphires we offer:-

One can find different varieties of blue sapphires at Folkmarketgems such as below:-

  • Raw facet grade blue sapphires
  • Blue Sapphire raw stones for lapidary work 
  • Blue loose stones for jewelry making
  • Sapphire Cabochons and beads 
  • Raw Blue Sapphire Crystals with hexagonal shapes 

Birthstone Month: Sapphire is a birthstone of September and loved by those who are born in the month of September. 

Blue Semi Precious Stones

1-Blue Tourmaline

Indicolite is a gorgeous gemstone famous for its vivid blue tones, often known as blue tourmaline. The mineral indicolite is found in

places like Brazil and Afghanistan. It comes in various colours, from light sky blue to deep navy, and is frequently pleochroism. It changes colour according to the angle at which it is viewed.

At Folkmarketgems, a carefully chosen collection of rough and cut indicolite tourmaline gemstones in various sizes and qualities is available. It makes them ideal for gem collectors, enthusiasts, and believers worldwide. You can find following type of Blue tourmaline with us:-

  • Raw Tourmaline crystals 
  • Paraiba color lagoon tourmaline with blue shades
  • Loose tourmaline for jewelry designing
  • Watermelon blue tourmaline slices 
  • Blue Tourmaline specimens and crystals for collectors

Birthstone Month: Tourmaline is a birthstone of October and perfect for October babies. 

2-Blue Aquamarine Stone

Folkmarketgems provides its consumers with a 

variety of choices by sourcing aquamarine gemstones from Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We offer aquamarine in two varieties: rough and cut. The rough stones come in facet-grade and lapidary quality. Furthermore, our selection includes rare aquamarine gemstones and crystals, ideal for collectors looking for unique items. 

Type of Blue Aquamarine with Folkmarketgems
  • Facet Grade Rough Aquamarine
  • Cabochon Grade Raw Aquamarine Stones
  • Aquamarine Terminated Crystals
  • Aquamarine Specimens for collectors
  • Aquamarine small crystals for wirewrapping or pendants making
  • Aquamarine Crystal Healing Pendants
  • Aquamarine Cabochons
  • Aquamarine Loose Stones

Birthstone Month: Aquamarine is birthstone of March.

3-Blue Lapis lazuli

Folkmarketgems offers lapis lazuli, a dark blue

gemstone valued for its deep heavenly blue colour and golden pyrite sparkles. Our lapis lazuli collection, sourced from Afghanistan, offers polished and rough gemstones that appeal to jewellry designers and lapidary enthusiasts. The only major source of lapis in the world is Afghanistan.

Lapis lazuli has been used historically as a cultural symbol of wisdom, truth, and majesty. At Folkmarketgems, unpolished lapis lazuli gemstones are available for lapidary work. Which also offers polished lapis lazuli gemstones to meet a wide range of tastes. 

Type of Blue Lapis Stone with Folkmarketgems
  • Raw A, AA, AAA grade lapis in tons
  • Lapis cabochons and beads
  • Lapis jewelry 
  • Lapis lazuli specimens 
  • Lapis art and craft items 
  • Availability of Custom orders with lapis 

Birthstone Month: Lapis lazuli, often chosen as the birthstone for September, serves as a more affordable alternative to the costly sapphire. This semi-precious gem offers a desirable option for those seeking beauty without the hefty price tag typically associated with sapphires. Learn about September Birthstone here..

4-Blue Topaz

Beautiful blue Topaz is a gemstone valued for

its outstanding purity and vivid blue tones. It is a well-liked choice for jewellery because of its affordability, durability, and variety of colour options.

Blue Topaz can show a range of blue tones, from light sky blue to rich indigo. London blue topaz and Swiss blue Topaz are two of the most well-known varieties of blue Topaz:

  • Swiss Blue Topaz:  The vivid blue hue of Swiss blue Topaz symbolizes a clear, sunlit sky. It frequently has a dazzling, vibrant colour that gives any jewellery a flash of colour.
  • London Blue Topaz: The rich, deep blue hue of London blue Topaz is well known for indicating the ocean's deep depths. Compared to Swiss blue Topaz, it usually has a deeper, more vivid colour with tones ranging from teal to navy blue.

We have an extensive collection of blue topaz gemstones at Folkmarketgems, including London blue and Swiss Blue Topaz in rough and cut varieties. We have many styles, dimensions, and materials in stock that suit any taste and price budget. You may enhance your jewellery collection with the ideal gemstone, whether searching for a gorgeous blue topaz ring centrepiece or a set of sparkling blue topaz earrings. 

Varieties of Blue Topaz with Folkmarket
  • Rough facet grade Swiss Blue Topaz or London Blue Topaz
  • Blue Topaz loose stones for making blue topaz jewls
  • Blue Topaz beads / cabochons, tumbles and beads

Birthstone Month: Topaz is renowned as the birthstone for November. While its color may bear resemblance to the March birthstone, topaz exhibits a spectrum of hues including golden, brown, and pink. The golden-brown variant, in particular, is often linked with the month of November.

5-Blue Iolite

Folkmarketgems offers cut and rough forms of blue iolite, sometimes called "water sapphire," to meet the needs of both lapidary and faceting applications. Geographically, iolite comes from many places worldwide, including Madagascar, Tanzania, Brazil, India, and Sri Lanka. To ensure that our collection consists of premium gemstones with the desired colour, clarity, and transparency, Folkmarketgems carefully chooses iolite gemstones from reliable vendors. 

Type of Blue Iolite Stone with Folkmarketgems
  • Facet Grade Raw Iolite 
  • Loose Iolite stones

Birthstone Month: Iolite, the designated birthstone for September births, is commonly substituted with blue sapphire stones. It is reputed to foster harmony, boost intuition, and ignite creativity within individuals.

6-Blue Tanzanite 

Tanzanite is a semi precious stone but it is often considered as one of the precious stones also due to its unique blue.

 In the start, it was considered as sapphire. It is well-known for its attractive blue-violet tones.

Folkmarketgems offers this beautiful gemstone, mainly from Tanzania, in cut and lapidary rough forms. Although Tanzanite is usually heated to improve its colour and clarity, our selection guarantees premium gemstones from reliable vendors. We have a wide range of Tanzanite to meet every requirement and choice, whether you're looking for faceted Tanzanite for jewellry-making or rough Tanzanite for lapidary applications.

Type of Blue Tanzanite Stone with Folkmarketgems
  • Cabochon Grade Raw Tanzanite 
  • Facet Grade Rough Tanzanite
  • Loose Iolite stones
  • Tanzanite beads, cabochons

Birthstone Month: Tanzanite is considered as birthstone for the month of December.

7-Blue Turquoise

Folkmarketgems carries turquoise, a

Natural Iranian Turquoise

treasured gemstone known for its vivid blue-green color that evokes the sea. Our selection of turquoise includes both polished and rough varieties sourced from countries such as China, Iran, and the United States. Turquoise is recognized for its spiritual importance and is thought to foster harmony, intuition, and serenity. Turquoise is often used in jewelry-making and spiritual activities due to its calming aura and inherent beauty. 

These are some stones that we have discussed above, but there are many others like them. You can see all these stones listed in Folkmarketgems. You can also place a custom order according to your needs; we always welcome our valuable customers and care about their needs.

Type of Blue Turquoise Stone with Folkmarketgems
  • Turquoise Cabochons

Birthstone Month: Turquoise is a birthstone for the month of December. Turquoise has been loved by humans since ancient times. The ancient Pharaos jewelry has used turquoise stones. 

8-Blue Spinels

Blue spinel is one of the favorit color of spinels.

Blue spinels are mainly coming from Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Hunza Pakistan, Vietnamese. Vietnam spinel with inclusions of Cobalt is one of the rare stone. In Pakistan, Hunza valley has cobalt included spinels. Folkmarket has listed variety of blue natural spinels in mixed spinel color deals. Browse our spinel stone variety deals.

Type of Blue Spinels Stone with Folkmarketgems
  • Raw Spinels for cabbing / beading
  • Rough facet grade blue spinels
  • Spinel Loose stones for jewelrs
  • Spinel cabochones

Birthstone Month: Spinel birthstone is associated with the month of August . Learn about Spinel VS Ruby Birthstone of August.

Folkmarketgems as Seller of Natural Stones

Folkmarketgems stands as the main hub for natural stones. We are offering a multiple stones sourced worldwide. Our expertise are specialized in providing genuine quality. 

At our store Folkmarketgems, you will enjoy the colourful collection of natural stones. This platform is updated daily with fresh inventory of gemstone additions. Folkmarketgems has a wide selection of multiple offers to fit everyone's taste, whether you're looking for rare gemstones, or a unique stone you can find the natural stones at Folkmarketgems.

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