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Natural Cambodian blue stone for sale
Where to buy natural blue Zircon stone


Where to buy natural zircon stone
Natural zircon stone for sale


Natural Raw Zircon Crystals for Sale
Buy Rough Zircons for Faceting


Reddish Zircon Stones - Zircon Rough Stones
Raw Zircon Stones for Sale


Explore Zircon Stones

Buying Guide for Zircon Stones

●    Where to Buy Zircon Stones: folkmarketgems is the trusted and verified store for your natural raw or treated zircon stones. We deal with all kinds of gemstones to fulfil the requirements of our customers. 

●     Get Authenticity Verification / Certification: At Folkmarketgems, we provide authenticity verification and certification services for zircon stones, ensuring customers receive genuine and high-quality gemstones

●     Tips for Evaluating and Choosing Zircon: there are a few factors which we should consider while choosing the stone to buy. These are color, cut and clarity. If you have experience with gems, then by these factors, you can identify whether it is a real or fake zircon stone. 

Type of Zircons, Folkmarketgems Offers

At folkmarketgems, we proudly offer a wide range of only natural zircon, not artificial. We exclusively offer genuine and 100% natural zircons, ensuring authenticity and quality for our customers. Explore the beauty of nature's creations with our exquisite zircon selections.

•Loose Zircons Stones ready for jewelry designing •Raw facet grade zircon stones for faceting•Medium Grade rough zircons for lapidary work such as cabochons, tumbling, carving, beading and so on•Zircon Crystals•Zircon Fine Mineral Specimens •Zircon Pendants•Zircon Gems Jewelry

Zircon Stone Prices and Market Trends

Zircon is cheaper than diamonds, but its rare color is more expensive, too than other gemstones. Zircon stone prices and market trends are influenced by various factors such as color, size, clarity, and overall quality. Blue zircons are often more valuable, while larger, well-cut stones also command higher prices. Market trends can fluctuate based on demand and availability.  

●     Factors Influencing Zircon Prices: there are various factors which may affect the zircon prices 

1.Cut of zircon 2.Size of zircon 3.Weight of stone 4.Saturation of colors

●    Market Trends and Demand: market trend means the demand for stone in the market, like blue zircon, has more demand, so its price is high.

●    Investment Potential for Zircons: Rare zircon definitely has an investment potential in the market. The global zirconium market, valued at USD 1.80 billion in 2022, is expected to reach around USD 3.80 billion by 2032, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.80% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2032. This signifies the rising demand and importance of zirconium in diverse industries. 

How can I use Zircons in Jewelry?

Zircon is most used naturally in the jewelry. it can be used in jewelry in many ways. Some ways are mentioned below: 

  • •Zircon Engagement rings•
  • Zircon Earrings•
  • Zircon Necklaces•
  • Zircon Pendants•
  • Zircon Bracelets•
  • Zircon Custom-designed jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions about Zircon

1.Is Zircon a cheap stone?

Zircon is cheaper than diamond, but its price depends on its color, cut and size

1.Is it good to invest in Zircons?

Yes, it can be worth buying, but it depends on whether it is real or not. And 2nd thing is that how long do you expect it to last

1.Is zircon a natural stone?

It is a natural stone, but its artificial form is also available in the market, which is cz (cubic zirconia) or is called zirconium oxide, while organic zircon is called zirconium silicate.

1.What is the Birthstone month of Zircons?2.December is the birth month of the zircon stone. 

1.What are the healing properties of zircons?

It is believed that zircon can improve liver function and help in avoiding nicotine dependence. Additionally, it is said to balance the adrenal glands during times of stress.

Zircon in the Fashion and Jewelry Industry 

●     Celebrity Endorsements and Trends: Zircon's attractive colors and affordability have caught the attention of celebrities, making it a trendy choice in the fashion and jewelry world.

●     Designer Creations Featuring Zircon: Skilled designers showcase their expertise by incorporating Zircon into jewelry and décor pieces, enhancing their overall beauty.

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