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FolkmarketGems offers variety of Genuine Amethyst stone in form of cut and rough both. We have covered diverse range of deals in Natural Facet Grade Amethyst, loose amethyst stones in various shapes, big and small deals. We also provide wholesale gemstone deals. If you need facet grade or cabbing rough amethyst in bulk, do write us email with complete requirements such as total weight, size, clarity type, sizes required, color requirements and as much as information you can provide.

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Amethyst Gemstones for Sale Online
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Natural Amethyst Raw | Loose Amethyst | Amethyst Crystals

Grab Amethyst Stones / Amethyst Crystals at Folkmarketgems

At Folkmarket Gems  we offer a diverse range of amethyst stones in raw and cut form. We have facet grade deals of amethysts, cabbing rough, amethyst crystals, amethyst specimens, amethyst jewelry, amethyst crystal healing pendants and and much more. We have stones for all like , jewelry designing artists, crystal collectors, gemstone cutters and lapidary artists. Let’s have a brief description about amethyst stones.

What Types of Amethyst Stone Varieties are available at Folkmarketgems?

Folkmarketgems offers a variety of natural amethysts deals in the following forms: 

As you all know, our top priority is our beloved customers. We don't deal with stones based on our preferences but rather focus on meeting the needs of our customers. Our commitment is to provide a diverse range of stones, ensuring our customers can find all the stones they require in one place. Here is a list of some stones available in our inventory at Folkmarketgems.

  • Deep purple facet grade rough amethyst for gemstone cutters 
  • Big size clean facet grade raw amethyst for facets
  • Cabbing raw amethyst for lapidary artists to make cabochons, tumbles, beads 
  • Amethyst Beads
  • Loose Amethysts 
  • Amethyst cabochons, tumbles, 
  • Amethyst Jewelry 
  • Amethyst Raw Crystals for crystal collectors 
  • Amethyst Crystal Pendants
  • Fine mineral Specimens of amethysts

What are Amethyst Stones? 

Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, is renowned for its symbol color, purple or violet. Comprising oxygen and silicon (SiO2), it showcases various hues. Our diverse collection at Folkmarket gems include as following:-

  • Lavender Amethysts
  • Pink Amethyst, 
  • Purple Amethyst, 
  • Chevron Amethyst, 
  • Ametrine, 
  • Prasiolite, 
  • Cape Amethyst, 
  • Red Tipped Amethyst

These amethyst stones or crystals are used for diverse range purposes. Visit our store for a wide selection, or one can even place a custom order according  to your preferences.

Chemical Composition of Amethyst Stone

When we think about the chemical composition of amethyst, the 1st thing we need to know is that it belongs to the quartz family. It is composed of silicon dioxide, where four oxygen atoms and two silicon atoms combine to form one molecule. Some other impurities contribute to its color. It is mostly found in purple color because of iron impurities. Here is a short table of its  composition.

  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide SiO2
  • Crystal system: Trigonal
  • Fracture: Conchoidal
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Optic nature: Uniaxial +
  • Hardness: 7
  • Dispersion: Low, 0.013
  • Refractive index: 1.544 - 1.553
  • Birefringence: 0.009
  • Pleochroism: Weak to strong
  • habit: prismatic
  • cleavage: poor
  • Specific gravity: 2.63 - 2.65

 Types of Amethyst Gemstones 

There are different types of amethyst gemstones available at our store,Folkmarketgems. We are not limited to just one or two types; we cover a wide variety of amethyst gemstones. If you don’t find your required stones, you can also place a custom order at our contact us page. Feel free to place your custom order, as we always welcome our beloved customers. According to our philosophy, our customers are our assets. Here are a few types of amethyst gemstones.

Type of Raw Amethyst Stones for Gemstone Cutters and Lapidary Artists

At your favorite store, FolkmarketGems, discover raw amethyst stones while waiting for skilled cutters and lapidary artists to show their true artistic mind into reality. Each raw gemstone would hold the potential to become a jewelry gem but awaits the skilled hands that can shape it to uncover its inherent beauty. Enjoy cutting amethyst with your creative mind. 

  1. Facet Grade Rough Amethyst Stones

Explore our Facet Grade Rough Amethyst Stones, meticulously chosen for their potential to become exquisite faceted gems. Renowned for exceptional clarity and unique colors, these raw amethysts are poised for transformation into elegant facets for your next jewelry masterpiece. Available in two grades, Grade A boasts consistent color and minimal inclusions for premium quality, while Grade B offers uniqueness with variations in color. We Sell amethyst in   carat weight, customize your order by specifying your preferred color consistency. At Folkmarketgems, our customers are our top priority.

  1. Cabs Grade Raw Amethyst Stones

We also have an amazing collection of Cabs Grade Raw Amethyst Stones, which are in their raw form and have the potential to transform into stunning cabochons. Cabs grade amethyst is renowned for its unique colors and patterns, just waiting for skilled hands to shape them into beautiful cabochons for your jewelry. Choose from our fantastic collection of Cabs Grade Raw Amethyst Stones to add natural beauty to your designs

  1. Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystals are naturally occurring gemstones of the quartz family and are part of the hexagonal crystal system. It is a gemstone with a vitreous or glassy luster. It is mostly mined in violet and purple shades, and it is also known for spiritual healing, wisdom and calmness. It is also said that it is the best healer of your sorrow and mental stress. These crystal stones are famous because of their beauty and can be used in various forms of jewelry.

  1. Amethysts Mineral Specimens

Explore our Amethysts Mineral Specimens collection showcasing various forms, including prismatic crystals with pyramid shapes. Note that these gems may exhibit a color change to yellowish when subjected to heat. Each piece in our amethyst mineral specimens is a unique testament to the artistry of nature.

  1. Amethyst Geode

Explore the open-faced Amethyst Geode adorned with small, dark violet crystal formations that are truly captivating. The geode's appearance enhances its beauty, adding a touch of sparkle to its display.


Loose Amethyst Stones

This type of amethyst is known as loose amethyst stone because it is suitable for any gemstone jewelry. When a gem cutter cuts, facets, and polishes it, it adopts a particular shape that can be used in any fine jewelry.

Where can you use loose amethyst Stones for Jewelry?

 We can use loose amethyst stones in many types of jewelry, such as :-

  • It is used in amethyst stone ring
  • It is used in amethyst stone necklace. 
  • It is used in amethyst stone earrings. 
  • It is used in  amethyst stone bracelets.
  • It is used in  amethyst stone brooches. 

It is also used that Some people send this as a gift to their loved ones who are born in February because it is known as the birthstone of the February month.

How to select Loose Amethyst Stone for your Jewelry?

When you need to select some amethyst stones, then you should keep in mind their purposes i.e. if you are buying it for jewelry or healing or gifting?. Then you can easily choose the color according to your need which suits you best. Also, keep in mind the size and shape. For example, if you want to give  an amethyst stone to your loved one for a ring, then you can choose its size which is made for a ring, not a necklace. These are factors which you should consider while choosing the stone. We have a variety of types, colors, and sizes. You can choose it according to your needs. 

Here are type of Loose Stones:-

  • Faceted Loose Amethyst 
  • Fancy Cut Loose Amethyst
  • Amethyst Cabochons
  • Amethyst Tumbles

What are the Popular Colors of Amethyst Gemstones?

When discussing the colors of amethyst gemstones, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic purple or violet shade. While it is predominantly mined in this color, it is not limited to just purple. Amethysts can exhibit other hues, such as yellowish or brownish tones, and some may even have hints of pink or red. At our store, we are not restricted to any particular color. According to the preferences of our beloved customers, we offer amethysts in a variety of colors.

Here is a list of Amethyst gemstones color-wise: -

  • Violet or purple 
  • Red 
  • Brownish 
  • Pink 
  • yellowish

Where are Amethyst Stones Found?

Most people have questions in their minds about where these mineral crystals are. The answer is that these are not bound to any specific region or country because the natural amethyst stone is found in different regions of the world. Amethyst stones from different regions have different properties. These stones are mostly found in the geodes, which means that hollow rocks are formed or that rocks contain these mineral crystals. Here is the list of some regions where we can find the amethyst stones. 

  • Brazil, 
  • African continent
  • Canada
  • Afghanistan 
  • South Korea
  • Uruguay,
  • Zambia,
  • Mexico,
  • Russia,
  • the United States

How Do You Use Amethyst Stones?

1- What can you do with raw amethyst?

There are a lot of uses of raw amethyst that you can use according to your needs. Some can use them as decor, and some can cut them and give them shapes for jewelry. At the same time, some artist buy them to show their skill and make them more attractive and valuable.

Here is list of amethyst stones some uses

● Faceting/gemstone cutting into beautiful polished gems

● Lapidary work (making beads, carving, cabochons, tumbling 

● Raw crystal pendants making

● Wire Wrapped jewelry 

● Raw gem jewelry 

● Carving 

● Amethyst specimens or geodes for collection 

● For Healing stones 

● Feng Shui as an old chinese discipline

● Gifts for loved ones

● Home Decor

How Do You Cut and Polish Amethyst Stone?

Cutting and polishing amethyst have many processes. But we will here share one of them with our customers so that they can know how it is polished and cut. First raw stone is cut into desired shapes and grinding to smooth rough shapes. This is also polished by the compounds and pads, which help to achieve its natural color. However, this process requires expertise and equipment.


Is Amethyst an Expensive Stone?

 This stone is affordable when compared to others, such as diamonds or rubies. The price of amethyst depends on its shape, cut color and grade. We cover all of its variety in our store folkmarket.

Investing in Amethyst Stone

Yes, you can invest in these stones, but you need to do something when investing in this stone, like market trends and also fashion trends regarding this stone. Also, you should find a reputed dealer; you can also sell them in your area  by purchasing them from any trusted wholesale dealer; in other words you can start your own small business of amethyst stones.

What is the Meaning of Amethyst Stones? Myths and Folktales related to Amethyst Stones

The amethyst stone has been associated with various meanings, myths, and folktales throughout history. Amethyst is believed to protect from negative energy, making wearers strong and wise, though this is considered a myth. Its rich history spans across cultures, with ancient Greeks associating it with preventing intoxication and Christians viewing it as a symbol of purity. Amethyst has long been known for its healing properties and is associated with the February birthstone.

Amethyst: as a Birthstone of February 

Amethyst birthstone, recognized as February's birthstone, symbolizes wisdom, confidence, and strength, according to geologists. Wearing this stone is believed to bring clarity of mind and support wise decision-making. Its historical association includes promoting inner peace and balance. While traditionally linked to birth months, amethyst is now a popular choice for jewelry and thoughtful gifts. Explore our diverse amethyst collection in our store and place an order to find the perfect gem for your loved ones born in February.

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