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Topaz and Citrine are on the birthstones of November.

Citrine is a yellow to a yellowish red, reddish-orange variety of quartz. The colour of citrine is very power and strength it gives beautiful designing in jewellery. Citrine has become popular in gems trade. 
Topaz is a traditional birthstone for the M/o of November. Previously, all yellow stones were called topaz. However, the gemologists have recognized topaz as a different variety of gemstones. It may occur in many colours. The hardness of topaz is " 8 " . Topaz colours come in golden, brown, yellow, pink, blue mainly. Imperial topaz is the top variety and rare variety of Topaz. Katlang Topaz from Mardan area of Pakistan is a pinkish variety of topaz. After heat, it turns into reddish-orange colour. The reddish orange colour of topaz is coming from Brazil. 
The hardness of Citrine:  7
Colour Citrine: Yellow to red-orange, also deep orange and orangey-brown.
Source: Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Peru, Russia, South Africa, the United States, and Zambia.
Crystallography of Citrine: Hexagonal
Meaning of November Birthstone:  Vitality, Love, affection, energy

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