Emerald May Stone Birthstone: Guide to Emerald History and Meaning

Emerald May Stone Birthstone: Guide to Emerald History and Meaning

What is the color for May?

The month of May has two main colors: 1st one is yellow and second one is green. Yellow is a pleasant color. This color shows the smiling faces and the sun. Green name shows beauty and nature. It reminds people of grass, trees and hill stations full of greenery and plants. When I only  think about the birth month of May , I also think about the beauty of  sunny days , green leaves and also birds singing on the trees. With the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature  and all around, these colors make May feel alive and fresh .

Introduction of Emerald May Birthstone?

Emerald is a green gemstone. It is the birthstone for those people who are born in May. The green shade comes from mineral beryl, which contains traces of chromium or vanadium. Emeralds are one of the precious gemstones and those others are sapphire , rubies And diamond . They are all used in precious stone jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and other people's choice of people. Over the centuries, people have admired the green emeralds, believing they have unbelievable powers which bring good luck and protect against the bad energy. Kings and queens of ancient history also used to like the emerald stone in their jewelry. This Gemstone is a gift for those people who are born in May.

Is there an alternate birthstone for May?

Other stones besides emeralds grow from the moon. which belongs to the quartz family. Agate stands out from other stones in its range of colors and is very suitable for people who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on precious stones like emeralds. Agate gemstone is a good choice for those People who can't buy Emerald stone. This is an affordable stone for people who are born in May. Agate is totally a different gemstone and one of the semi-precious stones which is found everywhere so abundant. It's a wide range of colors that gives an easy choice for people.

Emerald Chemical Formula 

The formula of emerald stone is Be3Al2(SiO3)6. They are valued for their dark green color. Emerald belonged to the Beryl mineral Family. 

Emerald Birthstone Meaning and History

Emerald is the best gemstone for the month of May. It looks beautiful for its dark green , this makes it special. Its green color can make people feel like it is connected to the month of May. At night, the beauty of emeralds is even more noticeable. For those  people who are born in May, the emerald is a perfect choice. In the past, the ancient royal families’ choice was emerald stones as they loved it. They used emerald gemstones in their gifts, their jewelry and other pretty things. Some people think that emeralds have special powers. They believe this can change their luck or keep you safe from bad things. This special quality is due to its dark green color.

During royal times as well as Cleopatra, they used to have emerald jewelry and crowns decorated with emerald birthstones. Today, emeralds are associated with traditional gifts such as 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. There are many other green stones like peridots, tourmaline, garnets or sapphires but emerald stones hold special place among them. They are always linked to richness of greenery and lush green valleys. Therefore, the emerald name is associated with many popular recognitions such as Seattle is the Emerald City which is a state of the USA. Thailand has a sacred Emerald Buddha though the same Buddha is carved by use of green jadeite but they choose to call him “ Emerald Buddha ''. 

The traces of emeralds go back to ancient Egyptians. They used to have emeralds believing that it would protect them from disease in the afterlife. 

Why is emerald the best birthstone? 

Emerald is the best birthstone for May because it embodies the essence of spring. Its lush green color reflects the awakening of nature, symbolizing renewal, growth, and vitality. This special connection to the natural world resonates with people born in May, whose birthdays often coincide with beautiful flowers and vibrant landscapes.

Emeralds have a long history of being associated with  luck, prosperity, and protection from harm. People aso like to wear emeralds not just for their beauty but also for the positive powers of symbolism they represent. Many believe that wearing emeralds brings harmony and clarity, fostering a sense of balance in life.

Additionally, emeralds are among the most valuable gemstones, along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, making them a popular choice for fine jewelry like rings, necklaces, earrings and for electric items. The stone's rich history and prestigious reputation make it a meaningful and stylish accessory, appealing to those who appreciate elegance and tradition.

Healing Properties of Emerald Stone

Emerald is thought to help with spiritual things. There are many stories about it from different cultures. In ancient times, people believed that emeralds could bring good luck and peace. In countries like Egypt and India, emeralds are used to protect against evil spirits and bad energy of bad peoples . People also thought that emeralds are the sign of wisdom, happiness, and light. They believed it could clear the mind and help with spiritual growth. That's why many people wear emeralds in jewelry—to feel good energy and get spiritual benefits. It is not just pretty; it has a deep meaning for many people and affects their life .

How to take care of emerald stone jewelry?

Taking care of emerald stone jewelry requires a pretty and gentle touch. Emeralds are softer than other gemstones like diamonds and Quartz making them more prone to scratches and damage. To clean emerald jewelry, use warm, soapy water with a soft brush or cloth to feel the good energy and get spiritual benefit. Avoid harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, and steam cleaning, as these can damage the stone.

Store emerald jewelry separately to prevent scratches from other pieces. Keep it in a soft pouch or a lined jewelry box. Avoid wearing emerald jewelry during physical activities or when using household chemicals and others. With proper care, emerald jewelry can stay beautiful powerful and vibrant for years.


Thus emerald stones are the best choice for those who are born in May. Emerald prices are set according to color, clarity, cut and weight. Low price emeralds are also available in the market with more or less attributes such as color plus clarity, or clarity plus less color. Where you can choose the emerald stone within your budget. 

At Folkmarketgems,  a wide range of birthstones selection helps you to buy your birthstone for you and your family. You can get an affordable stone and scan it for yourself. At FolkMarket, we have listed a lot of emeralds' qualities and choices. Our emerald collection can help you find the best one for you. Even if you do not find your choice on our live store, you can write us an email to let us find it for you.

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