Diamond April Birthstone: What are Other Alternatives of April Birthstone?

Diamond April Birthstone: What are Other Alternatives of April Birthstone?

Introduction to April Birthstones 

When we think about the birth stones, then how can we forget about the diamond as birth stones and those peoples are whose birthstone is diamond. The people who born in the April their birthstone is diamond. As we know that diamond is clear and strong that’s why it is symbolize the clarity and strength.  It is said that the People who are born in month of April are unbelievable strong. it is also believed that diamond wearer has good relationships and also have inner peace with other additional benefits like balance.

Diamond is the birthstone of the April so it reflects the personality of the people who are born in the month of April. It is said that the people which are born in April are deeply connect with diamond properties like strong and clear minded. However other stones are also alternative of the diamond as the April birth stone. But diamond is the most strong and rare stone in the word. The names of other alternatives topaz, quartz, opal, carnelian and white sapphire. These are good alternative of diamond as April birth stones but diamond is on top. Even most of the people don’t know that there are other alternatives of diamond as April birth stone. 

At our store Folkmarketgems, we are aware of the importance of the birthstones and also, we do care for our customers that why we have wide section of diamond and other birthstones listed in our store according our customers preference. we also have diamond jewelry and also pieces of diamond for jewelry for our clients for their loved ones. 

Diamond the Significant April birthstone

It’s too difficult to clarify that how months are connected

to any gemstones but if we go back to the dates then we know that in biblical times breastplates worn by priest decorated with the twelve colored gems. As time passes all these twelve gems associated with the zodiac sign with each month. This is how these gems has been using as birthstones and are believed that they effect the fortune. Actually, ancient people also use all these stones because they believe that these stones may turn their bad fortune to good luck.

In initial days people used to wear all stones at the same time but as time passes then they used to wear the stones according to the months for additional benefits. With time practice is become tradition and people start wearing the stones according to their birth month. It is also said that all different colors have God gifted power for the person who is born in the specific birthstone’s month.

Giving gifts to loved ones on their birthdays or on other events then there is not more precious gift then diamond itself. Diamond are rare, unique and expensive gemstones in the world of colorful gems. This is hardest stone in the earth and has million-year history in the earth.

You can find your desired diamond collection at our store Folkmarketgems for yourself or for your loved ones. We have all gemstones collections and all birthstones available for the easiness of our beloved customers. 

Alternative April Birthstones

As we all knows that diamond is expensive and rare gemstone, but don’t worry there are also handsome alternative of diamond as April birthstones and all are available at our store folkmarketgems. But you should also know that diamond it traditional and unique birth stone for April which is being used from decades. As we are talking about alternatives of diamond as April birth stones but you should also know that each stone has its own unique properties and powers. There are few alternatives whose names are mentioned in the list below 

  1. White Sapphire 
  2. White Topaz 
  3. Quartz
  4. Carnelian 

Al these are unique and amazing stones. For the convince of our beloved customers we have all stones at one place at our online store Folkmarketgems.

1- White Topaz as alternative of Diamond

 As topaz is alternative of April birthstone for those who are

born between 1 to 30th April. Its name is topaz because it is derived from the Sanskrit word “topaz” which means that heat that’s why their name is topaz. topaz has one unique quality which is that that change their color in the extreme heat or temperature. Topaz can be found in almost all regions in the earth like from srilanka to Brazil, Australia, Japan and us.

2- White Sapphire: An Alternative April Birthstone

You can also check the amazing beauty of the white sapphire which is best alternative of April birthstone diamond at your beloved store Folkmarketgems.  White sapphire is best alternative of diamond but can take its place definitely.

As sapphire is white, brilliant and elegant stones that’s why it is the best alternative of the diamond. Its brilliance attracts the people who are looking for the unique stone for their loved ones. You can check our customize collection of the white sapphire for your loved ones. we care about our customers that’s why we directly source our stones from the miners for our beloved customers.

3- Herkimer Diamond: Another Alternative April Birthstone

This is Herkimer diamond which is also best alternative of the


April birthstone and is available at our stone Folkmarketgems. Herkimer diamond quartz is best alternative because of its raw beauty and formation. as this double quartz crystal which is commonly found in the Herkimer country. Herkimer diamond is also knowing for its clarity, strength and power for its wearer. Its expectational choice for those who are born in April. You can check all stones according your requirement at our store Folkmarketgems.  

4- Carnelian: April birth stone

Carnelian is another best alternative of the diamond as April birthstone.  As it is also associated with the April it is available in various color like warm colors to fiery glow.

It specially known for its power properties which boost the confident and courage of the people who are born in the month of the April. You can check our customized collection which is according your desire. believe me you won’t be disappointed.


At the end we can conclude that there may be the best other options as the alternative of the diamond but no one can replace it. each stone has its own symbol, properties and colors. As diamond is the unique and traditional gemstone for those who are born in the April. other

 At our store Folkmarketgems our collections of gems are prove of our efforts for our customer the beauty of colorful world of stones. We offer wide range of options from birthstones to other stones like raw stones. Rough stones, cut stones, stones for lapidary or stones for jewelry or stones for gem collectors. We have all varieties of gemstones for our valuable customers at one place.

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