Quartz is an Alternative Birthstone of April

Introduction of Quartz Crystal

Quartz is the most common mineral on earth. Pure quartz is colourless, transparent, hard crystal with a glass like lustre.

Quartz Crystals

It exists in a variety of colours such as white, clear, pink, purple, brown, black etc. It belongs to the mineral class of silicates and has a good wearability.

Quartz occurs in two basic forms:

  1. Macrocrystalline Quartz – the most common form of quartz composed of visible crystal and grains, such as rock crystal
  2. Microcrystalline Quartz or Cryptocrystalline Quartz – made by the agglomeration of microscopic crystals, such as chert or agate.

On Mindate, quartz is classified as

           Macrocrystalline quartz is classified as quartz or varieties of quartz

           Cryptocrystalline quartz is classified as ‘chalcedony’ 

The significance of quartz is highlighted as its use in jewellery, industry for the manufacturing of ceramics, optics and other infrastructures, home decor as well as in geological studies.

Quartz is the birthstone of April along with DiamondWhite quartz is signified as the birthstone of April, that exemplifies ‘strength’. Quartz comes in different varieties each one having its significant properties. One of the varieties of quartz is ‘clear quartz’ also known as ‘Master Healer’ because of its unique healing properties such as acupuncture, reiki etc.

Quartz maintains and stabilize the body energy by reverberating with the frequency of silica in body leading to the wellness in equilibrium and balance.

Quartz can be duad with other gemstones thus reinforcing the benefits and positive aspects of the crystal.

History and significance of Quartz 

Historical origins of quartz is as follows:

Quartz was first documented in 300 B.C. by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, who named the crystal in Greek language as κρύσταλλος (krustallos) originated from ancient Greek word κρύος (kruos) which means ‘icy cold’. It was named as the ancient philosophers believe it to be formed from ice or can be glaciated thus giving it a form of ‘eternal ice’ metaphorically.

Quartz possesses piezoelectric effect which means it produces a characteristic mechanical deformation or can acquire electrical charge in response to mechanical stress. Thus, in the modern era because of its piezoelectric effect it can be of valued as applied in electronic fields and by the year of 1930 almost majority proportion or electronic industry production relies on quartz.

  • Quartz has always been of great significant importance in different cultures and traditions

In ancient cultures the use of quartz is universal.

In ancient Egyptian era, quartz is used for a variety of different purposes from jewellery making to religious purpose. Egyptians sculpted quartz in the popular amulets that implies ‘rebirth or regeneration’.

Ancient Romans use quartz as for stamping wax by sealing it in the ring.

In America in the Pre-Colombian Reign, quartz is dignified as the significant spiritual characteristic, by expertising it in sacred tools, objects as well as ceremonial or ritual purposes.

The ancient tribes in North America considered quartz as the living stone because of its characteristic healing properties.

In East Asia, quartz is being valued aesthetically. Chinese use it in their traditional and holistic medicine.

Ancient Japanese believe its physical form as ‘white dragon breath’ symbolizing its perfection, exquisiteness and flawlessness.

In Middle Ages, European spiritualist believe that quartz possess the supernatural property and use it to anticipate future and for prophesy.

Properties of Quartz Crystal 

Following are the physical and chemical properties of quartz:

Chemical Formula 



Colourless, white, red, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, multicoloured.

Crystal System 




Refractive Index

1.54 - 1.55

Specific Gravity

2.63 - 2.65


Transparent to translucent





Mineral Class

Quartz, Silicates

Symbolism and Meaning of Quartz Crystal

In the theoretical world, clear quartz crystals are considered as valuable gifts of earth.

Clear quartz crystal also known as ‘Master Healer’ or ‘Universal Crystal’ having powerful healing effects, strong amplification power and remarkable strengthening properties. Many cultures thought it of as epitome of Divine, that acts like a portal for spirituality.

Quartz Symbolises Purity

Another form of quartz is Rock Crystal also known as the ‘Perfect Jewel’ because its brilliant light possesses colourful spectrum of wide range.

Crystal quartz is significant because of its ability to induce calmness and tranquillity in thoughts, to rejuvenate genuine individuality and to achieve profound sense of spirituality.

Healing and Spiritual Uses

‘Master Healer’, the Clear Quartz, is of significant importance in physical healing as it invigorates circulatory system and immune responses, amplifying the bodily energy, reviving and revitalizing the bodily systems.

It has important uses and applications in the treatment of various condition such as migraine headaches, vertigo, migranous aura, dizziness, motion sickness to facilitate the metabolic activities in body.

It has also important use in the treatment of vital function disorders such as digestive disorders or renal disorders. The topical application of elixir has benefited in skin conditions.

Clear Quartz is also a significant emotional healer, improving the wellbeing of internal structures by triggering the positive thoughts, purity in thinking and augmenting energy.

Clear quartz has also some significant spiritual properties associated with personality traits, spiritual healing and personal growth. These are like the light beam inducing positive energy in thoughts, emotions, feelings as well as action.

Clear quartz has also a benefit in meditation thus sifting the diversions and intrusions with profound meditative effects.

Jewellery and Fashion

    Quartz is commonly used in jewellery as a single standalone gem in the rings.

    Quartz is an excellent gemstone due to its remarkable durability.

    Some of the famous varieties of quartz used as gemstones are amethyst, Citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz and aventurine.

    These gemstones are carved in various forms for their use in bracelets, necklaces as well as costume jewellery.

    Larger Rock crystals are carved into sculptures as large spheres whereas smaller ones are used in pendants.

    However utmost care is necessary for the cleaning of quartz jewellery.

    Following are the tips to take care of the jewellery 

    1. Avoid the chemical exposure.
    2. Regular cleaning with a cloth, mild cleaning agent and water.
    3. Proper storage in a cloth or box without in contact with other sort of jewellery so that it won’t scratch.
    4. Protection from thermal exposure and sunlight as high intensity radiations can lead to damage.
    5. Use and handle carefully.

    Celebrating the April Birthdays with Quartz crystal 

    Quartz crystals jewellery is a perfect and supreme traditional gift because of its versatile properties. 

    The intricate designs and the sculpting carvings place an artless impression on the personality.

    Transparent rock crystal can also be used as an alternative to diamond in jewellery.

    In Australian Aborigen Mythology, quartz is considered as emblematic substance with magical supernatural powers and was used in the tombs and cemeteries.


      Quartz not only symbolizes grandeur but holds significance in healing, wellbeing, meditation as well as positivity in personality.

      The distinctive glamour of quartz has an enduring effect on personal growth as well as in spirituality, healing and revitalization.

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