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Pearl and Moonstone are the birthstones of June.

Pearls are formed in a living bivalve, shelled mollusk, such as an oyster or an abalone clam. These hard, round objects appear inside the soft tissue of a mollusk due to the introduction of some kind of irritant. Those objects can be of any type such as sand, rock piece, or anything which can irritate the oyster body. Pear takes formation in the external mantle tissue cells, then calcium carbonate and conchiolin are secreted to cover the irritant. The repeated secretion process forms the pearl. Moonstone is another variety. Moonstone is the gem-quality variety of feldspar. It is composed of layers of orthoclase and albite which gives it the appearance of having a soft glow of light.
Colour of Pearl: White, orange, pink, black. Off white colour is the most common.
Hardness: 2.5-4.5
Colors of Diamonds: Colorless, grey, shades of yellow, brown, pink, green, orange, lavender, blue, black; rarely red.
Crystallography: Amorphous.
Meaning of June Birthstone:  Gnurturing, purity, sacred feminity

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