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Tanzanite, Turquoise, Lapislazulli and Zircon are on the birthstones of December.

Zircon is a beautiful underrated stone. Zircon has many colours such as blue, brown, red. Zircon has been survived on earth since its formation. Zircon is one of the oldest rock on the Earth. Learn More about Zircon here...... The hardness of Zircon is 6-7.5. Zircon comes from  Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, and Canada. Crystallography of Zircon is  Tetragonal. Crystals prismatic, pyramidal; often twinned; rounded pebbles.
Tanzanite is also a birthstone of December. Tanzanite is a very beautiful stone. Earlier, tanzanite was considered as sapphire. What is the history of Tanzanite? Learn here.....
Turquoise is a beautiful bluish-green or sea-green stone. Turquoise comes from Iran, Egypt, USA. Turquoise has been popular and widely used in the jewellery of Pyramids. This is an antique stone and holy stones for many religions. 
Lapislazulli is a very unique rock coming from Afghanistan mostly. Lapislazulli has usually calcite and pyrite.
Meaning of December Birthstone:  Prosperity, Love, Good Luck, Compassion, truth, honour

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