Birthstone Chart: Find Your Birthstone Associated with Each Month

Birthstone Chart: Find Your Birthstone Associated with Each Month

What is a birthstone? 

Birthstones are intricately tied to the month of a person's birth and their Zodiac sign, each imbued with distinct meanings and significance. This fascination with birthstones permeates various aspects of society, with individuals eager to inquire about both others' and their own birthstones. In modern culture, birthstones hold considerable sway, often being incorporated into jewelry to symbolize one's birth month. For instance, those born in January are drawn to garnet, their designated birthstone, adorning themselves with jewelry featuring this precious gem.

What is the origin of birthstones?

The tradition of adorning jewelry that complements one's birthstone emerged in the 18th century, particularly in Europe, before gradually spreading to the USA. By the 19th century, this custom had gained widespread popularity. In 1912, the American National Retail Jeweler’s Association standardized a list of monthly birthstones, prompting jewelers to incorporate these gems into their designs, a trend that persists in the USA today.

According to legend, in the 5th century, Christian scholars established a link between the twelve gems adorning the Breastplate of Aaron, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. They believed that each gem corresponded to specific astrological alignments or months, and wearing the appropriate gem during its designated month would yield certain benefits.

Observing the perceived advantages of wearing their birthstone, people began to embrace the practice, convinced that each stone held unique attributes and symbolic meanings corresponding to different months. However, from a scientific perspective, such beliefs lack empirical support.

What’s my birthstone? 

Click on your month for detailed information about your birthstone’s type, meaning, and history.


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