Faceting Rough Gemstones for Sale

1Kg Raw Citrine for Faceting, Cabbing
1 KG Dark Raw Burmese Spinels
100ct Rough Peridots Stones for Faceting/ Cutting
1KG Dark Purple Amethyst Stones - Amethyst Rough Gemstones
60Grams Spodumene Kunzite for Faceting
2pcs Raw Amethyst for Faceting
40grams / 200ct Mali Garnets
60 carats Raw Tourmaline Faceting Rough
1 kg Raw Amethyst for Faceting | Raw Amethyst Stone
1 KG Natural Rough Spinels - Raw Spinel
1Killo Natura Raw Morganite Gemstones
1Killo Natura Rare Aquamarine
Raw Natural Emerald Stones 120 carats
Buy Rough Natural Emerald Stones 2000ct / 400grams
10kg Natural Rose Quartz Rough - Raw Rose Quartz

Buy Rough Gemstones Faceting Material Wholesale and Small Facet Grade Rough stone Lots  | Buy Uncut Gemstones for Sale

Folkmarket online gemstone store gives the opportunity for gemstone faceters and lapidary artists, a different variety of faceting rough gemstones for sale This includes tourmaline rough, raw sapphires, peridot rough gems, natural emerald rough, Mogok spinels rough, quartz varieties such as lemon quartz, amethyst rough, citrine, smoky citrine, morganite, topaz rough, apatite, etc. Uncut gemstone parcels include small gems lots, big commercial gems lots. We offer 100% genuine gemstones and rocks for collectors. If any gemstone is treated with heat or any other process, we mention the kind of gems treatment in the product description. 

Type of Facet Grade Rough Gemstones Deals we Have

  1. Rough Gemstone Faceting Material Small parcels i.e 20 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams 
  2. Rough Faceting Stones like Precious Stones and rare semi-precious stones such as Swat Emeralds, Panjsheir Emeralds, Purple Kashmir Sapphires, Kashmir Rubies, Sphene, Peridots, Katlang Topaz, morganite, Tourmaline, afghanite, Spinel’s, etc 
  3. Small size facet grade material in big parcel quantity for Faceting mm size stones. Example Melee Emeralds, Sapphires, Spinels, topaz, garnets, peridots etc 

What are Faceting Rough Gemstones / Facet Grade Raw Gemstones?

A Rough Gemstones of facet grade will give opportunities to the lapidary artists for working on Faceting gemstones. The enthusiastic gemstone cutters in learning, beginners and professional gem cutters.

How Can We Evaluate Facet Grade Rough Gemstones?

Facet Grade Rough gemstones can be evaluated by some pints as listed below:

  • Color of Stone
  • Cleavage of Stones
  • Fractures analysis 
  • How much is transparent the stone is.
  • what is size and shape of Facet grade rough stone

 Folkmarket Gems offers a facet-grade variety of stones from Afghanistan , Pakistan, Myanmar, Africa and many other countries.  

If you have specific demand about custom gems order not listed on our website, contact us via info@folkmarketgems.com. Or send followng form after completing. 



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