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8ct Yellow Sapphire - Faceted Gems - Loose Gemstones
1.20ct Blue Ceylon Sapphire
12caratt Sapphires- Fancy Sapphires
0.22carat Yellow Sapphire | Precious Stone
0.92ct Natural Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphire
0.63ct Natural Orange Yellow Sapphire
1.38ct Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gem
50ct Star Sunstones for Sale / Sunstone Cabochons
1KG Natural Kyanite Crystals
1Kg Raw Citrine for Faceting, Cabbing
10ct 2mm Red Sapphires Round Brilliant Diamond Cut
30ct Red Orange Sapphires - Loose Sapphires Red Color
1kg Raw Sapphire - Rough Sapphire Crystals
10ct Orangish Red sapphires 17 pieces
Yellow Sapphires 16 pieces
3 Pieces Prehnite Green Stones
1 kg Raw Amethyst for Faceting | Raw Amethyst Stone
90 carats Kashmir Sapphire
1kg Raw Natural Lazurite Stone

Sapphires are on the birthstones of September.

Sapphire is a variety of corundum. Ruby is also a variety of corundum. Burma Ruby Stone is a top variety of ruby in the world and considered more sellable. After that Mozambique rubies have a great name. Rubies from Afghanistan are also popular. Sapphire has various colours such as colourless, red, orange, pink, blue, green, purple, white, grey. Blue is of top quality. Kashmir Sapphire is considered the top variety of blue sapphire. After that comes, Srilanka sapphires. Kashmir Sapphire from Pakistan is coming in purple variety. Blue Kashmir Sapphire is not being mined nowadays. Mine has already been closed since a century. 
Hardness 9
Colour: Colorless, white, gray, blue, blue-green, green, violet, purple, orange, yellow, yellow-green, brown,  peachy pink, pink, black
Source: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Srilanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, Thailand
Crystallography: Hexagonal (trigonal). Crystals common, often barrel-shaped, prisms with flat ends, sometimes bipyramidal; also massive, granular, in rolled pebbles.
Meaning of September Birthstone:  Protection from Negative Energy

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