Birthstone for the M/o July

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Ruby, Turquoise, Oynx are the birthstones of July. Ruby is a precious gemstone. Its colour is red to pink or pink to red. It is a variety of corundum. This is the variety of corundum gems and minerals.  The formula is aluminum oxide. Ruby is valuable by price and considered a precious stone. Chromium becomes the cause of ruby color. Ruby is a variety of corundum, the formula of which is aluminum oxide. Why ruby rank high in price among precious stones? Learn here.........

What is Ruby Properties?

Chemical Formula Al2O3 (aluminum oxide)
Colour Red, Pink, Orangish pink, purplish-pink
Hardness 9
S.G 3.9 – 4
Refractive Index 1.757-1.779
Streak White
Crystallography Hexagonal
Luster Vitreous to subadamantine.
Cleavage None
Transparency transparent to opaque
Tenacity Brittle
Fracture Conchoidal, splintery
Pleochroism strong
Phenomena Asterism
Ultraviolet fluorescence red under longwave

Meaning of July Birthstone:  invincibility, positivity


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