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22ct Amethyst Pear Shape
1 kg Raw Amethyst for Faceting | Raw Amethyst Stone
1kg Raw Zircon Stones
2pcs Raw Amethyst for Faceting
Spodumene Crystal with Black Tourmaline
1KG Dark Purple Amethyst Stones - Amethyst Rough Gemstones
5 Pcs Kunzite Crystal Silver Pendants
600grams Natural Rough Kunzite Crystal
1Pcs Kunzite Crystal Silver Pendants

Amethyst is both the modern and traditional birthstone for February. Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. Amethyst's name is referred to a specific color frequency between purple and violet. The color can be light and dark. Green amethysts are also available which technical name is prasiolite.

Meaning of February Gemstones:  Spiritual Protection

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