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Peridot and Spinels are on the birthstones of August.

Peridot is a beautiful parrot green color gemstone. Its colour variety goes from green to vivid green, olivine green, yellowish-green.  (a forsterite-rich solid solution of the forsterite-fayalite isomorphic series). Spinel Stones have many colour such as red, pink, white, colourless, purple, indicolite, greenish, orange. Spinels are found in Burma, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Tajikstan. Mogok spinel stones are a popular variety of spinels. They are more gems and of good quality. 
Hardness OF Peridot: 6.5-7
Hardness OF Spinels: 8
Source of Peridots: Burma / Myanmar, Pakistan Supat Mine Kohistan, Mansehra Pakistan, Madagascar
Crystallography of Peridots: Orthorhombic. Crystals are usually striated prisms, corroded grains; often as rolled pebbles.
Meaning of August Birthstone:  Anti Depression, Stress Reliever

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