200 grams Rough Labradorite Slices | Raw Labradorite Slabs


This is 200 grams parcel of Natural Raw Labradorite slices with peacock flashy colors. The parcel has free shapes of Natural rough labradorite stones. 

  • Stone: Natural Raw Labradorite
  • Sizes: 15mm to 60mm
  • Colors: Bluish black with peacock feather like flash
  • Treatment: No
  • Origin: Madagascar 

Labradorite is a variety of feldespar mineral which is popular for its iridescent play of colors. This is called labradorescence. Labradorite takes formation in igneous rocks consisted on basalt and gabbro. Labradorite has iridescence phenomenon which occurs from the interference of lights interacting within microscopic layers. 

The iridescence phenomena occurs from the interference of light which interacts with microscopic layers. The layers are found in the structure of mineral. The phenomena exists due to the lamellar twinning. This multiplies crystal layers reflect and refract light. It creates the shimmering effect. labradorite is found in volcanic activity. This is very popular among jewelry designers. 

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