45 Carats Ludwigite Including Rough Peridots Facet Grades


Stone: Rare Ludwigite Included Peridots
Total Weight: 45 carats
Sizes: 12, 7.8, 9.9, 8.8, 6.70 carats per piece
Average size: 9 grams
Clarity: VS to Eye Clean
Treatment: No
Color: light green black inclusion. 
Type:  Sodalite
Geographic Origin: Pakistan


This offer presents a collection of Ludwigite including rough peridots for faceting, total weight 45 carats across 5 pieces in various sizes: 12, 7.8, 9.9, 8.8, and 6.70 carats.  this is very nice parcel of raw gem grade peridots in good sizes, perfect for cutting them into various sizes. 

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What are Rutile Included Pakistani Peridots?

This type of raw peridot stone has something special: ludwigite included peridot is a rare earth mineral. It has unique ludwigite black needles in it that makes it more interesting. The peridots in this collection come from Kohistan valley in Pakistan. There are five pieces in total, and they're all perfect for faceting and any type of lapidary artists who cut stones. Each piece is like a puzzle waiting to be solved by the cutter.

They range from big ones like the 12-carat stone to smaller ones like the 6.70-carat stone. These peridots have something hidden inside them that makes them even more special. The ludwigite inclusions add depth to the stones, making them even more valuable. They might look rough on the outside, but inside, they hold a lot of beauty. Skilled cutters can bring out this beauty and turn these stones into amazing pieces of art. This deal isn't just about buying stones; it's about turning them into something wonderful.

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