5.90 carats Rare Pink Topaz | Imperial Topaz | Katlang Topaz


The Katlang Topaz deal features a stunning 5.90-carat gemstone. Renowned for its rarity, the Katlang Topaz in its pink hue is an exceptionally uncommon variety within the topaz family. This particular package showcases a range of crystal sizes, including specimens weighing 1.80 carats, 1.55 carats, 1.10 carats, 1 carat, and two smaller pieces totaling 0.30 carats each. All crystals offered in this deal are completely natural and have not undergone any heat treatment. Moreover, most of the crystals boast well-terminated terminations, making them ideal additions for crystal collectors seeking perfection in their specimens.

Key Features Of Rare Pink Topaz | Imperial Topaz

  • Stone: _____Rare Pink Topaz
  • Total weight: ______5.90 carats
  • Sizes: ______ 1.80 carat, 1.55 carat, 1.10 carat, 1 carat, 2 pieces are 0.30 carats 
  • Total pieces: ____6 
  • Treatment: ______No Heat
  • Color: Baby Pink
  • Shape: well terminated crystals 
  • Clarity: ______ VS to Eye Clean
  • Origin:______ Katlang, Pakistan 

About Katlang Topaz Crystals

Katlang Topaz is a unique variation of imperial topaz, distinguished by its delicate baby pink hue. The occurrence of natural pink coloration in topaz is exceptionally rare, rendering Katlang Topaz highly desirable among gem enthusiasts.

Katlang Topaz is originating from Katlang, Pakistan, it is popular for its scarcity and unique beauty. The natural occurrence of pink in topaz is exceptionally rare, making Katlang Topaz a prized gemstone in the world of jewelry. Its baby pink hue is a sophisticated and attracts the collectors. Due to its limited availability and high demand, Katlang Topaz holds significant value in the gemstone market.

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