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List of The World Most Expensive Gemstones

List of Precious Stones

The mother earth having almost 4,000 minerals. Still, we discover new raw gemstones with the passage of time in any location of the world. What makes the gemstones and mineral rare and expensive? It is not only because they are rare but they have something very unique characteristics in form of trace elements, impurities or other factors.

Here, we are listing below some of the genuine gemstones and minerals which are expensive gemstones. They are popular gemstones for sale at any gemstone shop near by or available on any online gemstone store. The listed below prices are starting from the highest prices which the gem quality stone can offer you.

  1. Blue Diamond – $3.93 million per carat
  2. Tanzanite—$1,200 per carat
  3. Poudretteite — $3000 to $5000 USD per Carat
  4. Jadeite – $20,000 per carat
  5. Emeralds – $8000 to $20000 per carat
  6. Alexandrite – $10,000 to $15,000 per carat
  7. Red Beryl – $10,000 per carat
  8. Ruby — $15, 000 per carat to onward
  9. Padparadscha Sapphire – $4,000 to $6000 per carat
  10. Grandidierite – $20,000 per carat


1- Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is one of the rarest and expensive gemstones in the world.  The Oppenheimer Blue is the largest blue diamond ever sold at auction. The size was At 14.62ct. 

The cut was emerald cut. It was given the name in honor of its previous owner, Sir Philip Oppenheimer. The family used to control the legendary DeBeers company.


2- Tanzanite

Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967.  Tanzanite is in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Tiffany and Co became a cause for the popularity of this gem. When they started to use the gem in jewelry. Tanzanite prices start from $1200 per carat in good size and clean piece.


3- Poudretteite

Poudretteite chemical formula is KNa2B3Si12O30.  In the 1960s, it was discovered in Mont St. Hilaire Quebec, Canada. The Poudrette family discovered this precious gemstone. The gem has pink in color. The hardness on Moh scale is 5. It was not rare and expensive until the first stone was got in Mogok in 2000 at an amazing 9.41 carats.

4- Jadeite

In China, the Jadeite gemstone commands significant popularity, prized as the rarest member within the Jade family. Exhibiting a diverse array of colors, from lush green to radiant yellow and deep black, it is revered for its versatility. The esteemed "Imperial Jade" variety showcases a distinct emerald green hue, coveted for its rarity and beauty.

A notable moment in 2014 witnessed the sale of a necklace belonging to the American heiress Barbara Hutton, fashioned entirely from jadeite. This exquisite piece, known as the "Hutton-Midivani Necklace," achieved a historic feat by becoming the most expensive Jadeite jewelry ever sold. Adorned with 27 generously sized, top-tier jadeite beads, its allure was undeniable.

Cartier, the original creator of this masterpiece, made headlines by acquiring the necklace for a staggering sum of $27.44 million. This transaction underscored the enduring appeal and value associated with the mesmerizing beauty of jadeite.

5- Emeralds

Emerald stone is super bright green beryl family variety. The best emerald  should have a rich green colour. Earlier Colombia was gaining the title in Emerald. Now Afghan Panjsheir emeralds and Swat emeralds are also supervising in terms of green colour. The super-rich green emerald belongs to Swat, Pakistan. However clean emeralds are extremely rare. Natural Emerald Gemstones are sold from $8000 to $20000 in good size cut and super green quality in the market. Top Quality rare swat emerald is sold from $800 to $2500 per carat in size of 2.50 to 4 carat sizes in rough even.


6- Alexandrite

The alexandrite was first discovered in 1833. It was found on the emerald mine near Yekaterinburg. The normal cost of this gem goes from 10000 to 15000 USD per carat.



Red beryl is also called red emerald or Bixbite. They are mined in only the  Wah Wah Mountains of Utah. It exhibits different shades of red colour to dark red. The price of red beryl gemstones for sale goes from $10,000 per carat. They are rarely found above 2 to 3-carat sizes.


The most pricey and rich colour ruby stones are found in Asia. The Mogok, Myanmar ruby is the popular one. The “Pigeon blood” ruby is one of the expensive colour shade in rubies. Kashmir Ruby from Batkundi is also pigeon blood variety of ruby. Its colour is a pure red with a violet hue. Per carat rubies go on $15000 USD.

9- Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha  is a Tamil name which means “the colour of sunrise”. It has a pinkish-orange colour sapphire. The pink sapphire with orange shade is famous to be in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Natural padparadscha mineral was sold lastly for 18000USD per carat. The weight of which was 1.65 carats about 20 years before. Nowadays, the price go from $30,000 per carat if the size is up 5 carats.


10- Grandidierite – $20,000 per carat

Grandidierite gemstone chemical formula is Mg,Fe2+)Al3(BO3)(SiO4)O2. This is an extremely rare gemstone. The price of grandidierite stone can go up to $20,000 per carat. In 1902, it was first discovered in Madagascar. On aluminous boron-rich rocks, It is found as an accessory mineral.




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