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Natural Facet Grade Amethyst Gemstones for cutting

What is Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst is a form of Quartz crystals. Zambian amethyst has dark purple color. Amethyst is a globally popular gemstone that is particularly cherished by women. Amethyst is found in Russia, USA, Afghanistan, Zambia, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Canada and Europe.

Amethyst, a form of Quartz, is a purple variety of Quartz family. Amethyst can be in the form of  large sized crystals, geode and much more. Its exquisite  charm enhances the beauty of jewellery items. Obtain a facet grade parcel and create jewellery items after cutting from it.

Amethyst hardness is 7 on MOHS Scale. This gemstone is resistant to scratching. Its colours range from purple to light purple to pinkish purple to deep blue-purple. The purple shade gives it a perfect look.

This gemstone has a very captivating history. Ancient Greeks and Romans employed amethyst in different ways ranging from beads in jewellery to making protective amulets. Throughout history, civilizations reverred it as a highly valuable material and used for various objectives. They used to associate its name with luxury items. It was showcased as a prominent part of their crowns, scepters and rings. Christian bishops used to wear amethyst rings.

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