Quartz Crystals Varities in Raw / Uncut- Polished

Here we are offering large varieties of natural quartz crystals being sourced from around the world.

Natural Fine Mineral Specimens for your Cabinets

Quartz From Pakistan Pakistan holds a vast variety of Quartz Crystals in different areas of the country. Especially, the Baluchistan part is producing the world's best Quartz crystals of various varieties. Among them, they are the following names;- Petroleum included Quartz Crystals Herkimer Diamond-like shapeHerkimer Diamond-like Diamond Quartz Crystals in various sizes carbon included Diamond Quartz Herkimer Diamond Quartz types Faden Quartz CrystalsWindow Quartz or Elestial Quartz Quartz Points Quartz Specimens Double Terminated Quartz Crystals or double terminated Quartz pointsSingle Terminated Quartz Crystals Chlorine Included Quartz Crystals Quartz with Rutile Needle Inclusions A popular variety of Quartz listed above is of every type. However, Herkimer like Diamond Quartz is the most favorite. Faden Quartz is one of the unique varieties of Quartz that comes from Pakistan only. Petroleum included Diamond Quartz is another unique variety. It includes inclusions of petroleum that make it look beautiful. Sometimes, such a variety of Diamond Quartz holds gas bubbles or water bubbles. Those move along with petroleum inclusion inside the Quartz crystal. These characteristics make the Herkimer diamond-type Diamond Quartz look quite different and collector pieces. Quartz available with us is in huge quantity. Wholesale prices are quite different for gemstone buyers. Quartz from BrazilWe have also Quartz from Brazil of the following variety.amethyst for Faceting Citrine Lemon Quartz Golden Rutile included QuartzSmoky CitrineQuartz PointsIf you have specific demand about custom gems order not listed on our website, contact us via info@folkmarketgems.com. Or send following form after completing.  Click to fill form to get custom stone inquiry...... 

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