Is Amethyst Stone Worth Per Carat? Rough Amethyst Price Per Gram

What is the worth of Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst, a semi-precious stone, exhibits hues ranging from purple, light purple to lavender. It belongs to the quartz family, and various factors contribute to determining its value. The quality of the stone, its size, color, and overall appearance are key factors in assessing the worth of amethyst. Additionally, the type of amethyst, whether raw or cut, influences its price, with raw stones generally being more affordable than cut ones. Collectors appreciate amethyst for its pale lavandar to deep purple shades.

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High-value amethyst is characterised by a rich, deep purple color and excellent clarity, ranging from eye clean to loupe clean. Amethyst is abundant, and top-quality specimens with good clarity and color are available. Similarly, amethyst specimens with lighter color tend to be less valuable, while well-saturated and well-cut stones command higher prices. The market demand also plays a significant role in determining the value of amethyst; higher demand translates to increased worth.

What are factors to be considered While Buying Amethyst Stones?

When buying or selling amethyst, it is advisable to consider certain tips. Seeking the advice of gemstone experts and consulting reputable jewellers who can analyse amethyst properties is crucial. These experts can help in accurately defining the stone's value based on market conditions and analysing its unique characteristics. Here are some tips which we are sharing if you are willing to buy or sell amethyst stone:- 

  • Learn about Amethyst Stone:  Learn about properties of amethyst stone i.e. color variations, clarity, and possible treatments. The basic education will help you to understand the stone and will help you in taking decisions.
  • Set a Budget: Define what is in your pocket. Set your budget and and have clear concept that how much you can spend before going into shopping for natural gemstones.
  • Color Preferences: Choose the color shade that suits your preference. Some individuals may lean towards a darker hue, while others might prefer a lighter shade of purple. Remember that personal tastes differ, so go with what resonates with you.
  • Look Inside the Stone the inclusion type:- Analyse the stone with visible flaws of inclusions. Some amethyst can have inclusions and some not. This will affect the value and price of the stone.
  • Consider Cut and Shape of The Stone:  Select the shape of the stone which you desired or want. Popular cuts for amethyst include round brilliant, pear, oval, round, and octagonal cuts. The stone cut by expert hands will enhance its brilliance and overall visual appeal.
  • Ask About Treatments Kind:- Ask questions about treatment of the stone. In amethyst, heat treatment is common. This is accepted in the industry however, one must be aware of heat treatment also.
  • Have in Mind type of Jewelry Designs: One must be clear about the setting of the stone. One also must consider the metal type. In silver, relatively low amethyst are set. With gold, top color of amethyst is considered.
  • Amethyst Stone Identification: You can check amethyst stone hardness which is 7 at Mohs Scale. The hardness make it durable.
  • Buy from Reputable Gemstone Sellers: Buy from reputable sellers, whether online or in physical stores. Look for sellers with positive reviews, transparent practices, and, if possible, gemological certifications.
  • Demand Certified Stones:- In case of valuable amethyst stone, ask for reputable gemological certificates.
  • Make Comparison of Stone Prices: Get different prices from different sellers. Make a comparison sheet of the those prices and ensure to get fair deal but not compromising on authenticity of stone. Extremely low prices might be a red flag, while excessively high prices may not be justified unless the stone possesses exceptional qualities.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, choose an amethyst gemstone that resonates with you. Trust your instincts and choose a stone which satisfies you.
  • If you will keep focusing on above tips to buy amethyst stone, you will be confident about determine the value of the amethyst. Such tips can be used for any other stone while finalising purchasing whether a single stone or bulk gemstones. 

    Amethyst February-Birth Stone

    People who are born in February, have their lucky stone Amethyst. This stone is usually very considerably stunning. This gemstone has a beautiful shape of violet leading toward all shades of lilac. Amethyst is available in the market in both versions, it is usually mined and also it is manufactured in factories. 

    People who have a deep interest in Amethyst, including royal families of a couple of continents have a good collection of amethyst. Let's dive into the details of a royal gift you can have as a present on your birthday.

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    History behind Amethyst Stone

    In the history of royals on both continents, amethyst was traditionally given to the couple on their sixth wedding anniversary. It can be your necklace, or it can be your styled bracelet. This stone was found very much abundantly in every corner of the world. You can find them in the corners of the United States, to the ground of Africa, and also in Canada.

    Since it has been a sign of peace, tranquility, and stability, this stone had a good place during the Renaissance as they believed that amethyst would calm the lover's minds. Amethyst proves to enhance your charm when you wear it no matter what period it is.

    What is Price of Amethyst stone?

    The gemstone is a form of purple quartz having all shades of lilac. It belongs to the same family of citrine. The color of this gemstone is majorly due to iron impurities and heat radiation. The purplish tint usually ranges from an in-depth violet color to pinkish violet. The price of this stone truly depends on the quality of the amethyst. Crystal size, color, cut, clarity, and upper surface polishing affect the price rate. This stone in raw is not very expensive as this stone is almost available on every continent.

    What factors contribute to the valuation of an amethyst?

    1- Amethyst loose Stone Price

    • The price of amethyst is subject to variation based on several elements, including color, clarity, and size. Despite being a semi-precious stone, amethyst is generally more affordable compared to other precious stones. 
    • Typically, retail prices for amethyst range from $20 to $50 per carat.
    • Bulk purchases of amethyst stones, such as acquiring 1000 to 5000 carats per bag, can further lower the per-carat cost. In wholesale buying gemstones, amethyst gemstone prices can be as low as $6 to $10 per carat.
    • However, specimens with deep purple hues, precise cutting, and exceptional brilliance may still command a higher price, ranging from $30 to $80 per carat. It is crucial to underscore that the primary determinant of the gem's value remains its color.

    2- Raw Amethyst Stones Value

    In raw amethyst, prices also vary depending on size, color and clarity.

    3- Amethyst Crystals or Specimens

    However, large amethyst crystal or amethyst mineral specimens can be of high valuable if they are in combination with other stones or if they have some rare phenomenon which is uncommon. 

    Amethyst Market Value and trends

    The market trends of Amethyst value can be influenced by following factors:-

    1. Color:  Color is the main factor which set the value of a stone. The more will be purple, the more amethyst will have value.
    2. Clarity: Amethyst stones with minimal inclusions are considered more valuable in both raw and cut stones. However, unlike diamonds, some inclusions in amethyst can enhance its beauty, such as the presence of tiny sparkling crystals known as "fairy dust."
    3. Cut of Amethyst : The cut of the amethyst also affects its value. The excellent and precise cutting enhance their color and brilliance. The popular shapes of cut amethyst stones are oval, round, and cushion shapes.
    4. Carat Weight: The more size of amethyst will be larger, the more will be the stone valuable.
    5. Origin of the Stone: The value of the stone is also determined through its origin or locality. The localities of stones are popular because of stone characteristics such as Zambian amethyst are darker but with high inclusions. Brazilian amethyst are popular due to their size and clarity but their color is low. while Brazilian amethyst often has red and blue flashes.
    6. Treatments on Amethyst Stone: Amethyst stones are normally heated. Heat treatment is common in the gemstone industry to enhance color or clarity. While it is widely accepted for amethyst, untreated stones may be more valuable to some buyers.
    7. Market Demand of the Stone: Trends in the gemstone jewelry industry and other customer preferences can also affect the market prices of amethyst gems. High demand for particular colors or cuts can drive prices up.
    8. Economic Factors which affect the stone price: Overall economic conditions of global market can impact the prices of natural amethyst gemstones. 

    Who are Buyers of Amethyst Stone?

    As we know, This stone always looks very appealing to everyone as it is good in looks and it also adds a nice touch to very ordinary jewelry pieces.

    People who are born in February are considered to have this stone in their collection. But the truth is that people who have a keen interest in having a variety of colored gems have this stone in many varieties. As we have discussed earlier, Amethyst has a vibe related deeply to peace tranquility, and serenity. From Alexander the Great, this stone has shown its vague powers in maintaining positive energy. This beautiful and elegant stone is an ambassador of inner strength and personal empowerment.

    Amethyst can be used also for decorative and ornamental purposes. Polished and heavy gems of amethyst can be costly but it depends on the weight and cut. You can find a raw version of amethyst at very low prices in countries like Brazil, India, Morocco, and Madagascar.

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