What are Diamonds? Why are Diamonds Expensive?

What are Diamonds? Why are Diamonds Expensive?

What makes diamonds so valuable?

Why are diamonds so expensive? Why are they considered so valuable among other loose gemstones for sale? While defining value of a diamond stone, we must keep in mind the surrounding environment effects and its main cost to the bottom of what is making it so expensive?

Why Diamonds are so valuable

MYTH # 1: The people consider diamonds are expensive because they think, it is rare. 

The true fact is that diamonds are not rare gemstone. There is Long list of other gemstones and minerals which are the extreme rare such as grandidierite, alexandrite etc. Diamonds are commonly found on the Earth. 

Precious stones' pricing is normally based on rarity. The rarer the stone, the most expensive it will be. In rarity, the clean rare pieces matter a lot. Clean Rubies , Sapphires and Emeralds are rare They are even more expensive than diamonds. 

MYTH # 2: Diamond cost relies on its size. The bigger it is, the more valuable it is. 

Only size of diamonds does not affect on price of the diamond. There are " Four Cs" 

  1. Color
  2. cut
  3. clarity
  4. carat

The size and weight of diamond is only a one factor in measuring or calculating the total value of diamonds. All above points play role in defining the price of a diamond. For instance, if you have big size diamond but having low clarity, it will not guarantee the high price of a diamond. For getting high price, it must be clear also. If it is in cut form than its color and cut will be added into measuring the price ratio. 

Other Myths of the Diamond

  • Every diamond is white: while you may well believe diamonds are luminous white but this is not the case of all diamonds. There are numerous kinds of diamonds for instance, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds etc
  • Every part of diamonds is produced by natural world: while many diamonds are shaped naturally alternative, some are laboratory grown-up and can trade 35 percent than mined diamonds.
  • A diamond’s dimension is calculated in carats: A diamonds size is essentially considered length by width in millimeters.

Importance of Diamonds among Loose Gemstones for Sale

Diamonds are distinctly one of the most highly appreciated and fascinating Precious gems and considered by all people across the globe as nature’s unique gift to humankind. The name " diamonds " come up from the Greek word ADAMAS which implies everlasting. A valuable stone comprises of a clear and colorless sparkling form of pure carbon. This is the hardest naturally occurring substance. Diamond are composed of a single elements. They are the purest of All Gemstones . Diamond quality is the universal process for assessing the quality of any diamond anyplace in globe.

Evaluating Colored Stones / The Five Ps  - Read More....


The diamonds are described as 4cs;

  1. color,
  2. clarity,
  3. cut,
  4. carat weight.


Properties of Diamond Stones

Diamonds provide an extraordinary arrangement of chemical, physical and mechanical properties

  • Diamonds each one carbon atom is sp3 hybridized and is acquaintance to four other carbon atoms through a bond.
  • It is prepared up of tetrahedral units
  • Hardness
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Transparency from ultra violet to infra red
  • It has rigid covalent connection network which is complex to break

How diamonds gets color      

Diamonds are finished up of carbon atoms set in rigid tetrahedrons. Clean diamonds are transparent and colorless. They are very rare and high-quality .The most extraordinary diamond colors are red, pink, green, and blue. The diamonds mined in nature have traced of yellow, some brown or gray.  Diamonds is based on the absence of color. A substance pure and organized perfect diamond has no shade parallel to a drop of water.             

Location of Diamonds?

Diamonds are found in more than 30 countries but the seven foremost producers of diamonds of diamonds are: Canada,   Angola,   Democratic Republic of the Congo,   South Africa,   Russia, Botswana and Namibia. These have been time after time performance and supremacy.

Kinds of Diamonds

There are different types of diamond. They are;

1-Pink diamond: The pink diamond is the earth’s most rare and valuable diamonds. The argyle mine is the world’s leading source of unrivalled extreme pink diamonds, producing more than 90% of the world contribute. Nevertheless, an extremely small quantity of argyle diamonds production is pink color.

2-White Diamonds: White diamonds are formed by mines all over the earth in a wide variety of shapes and Size. The white diamonds improved from the Argyle mine are mainly brilliant and of high quality.

3-Champagne Diamonds: Champagne diamonds are in natural world decorated. These are created in a broad range of colors from brightness straw to loaded cognac. The 4C's of color, cut, clarity and carat persuade apprehension to colored diamonds just as they do to colorless diamonds separately from the strength of color, not lack of it, and play a better part in the survey.

4-Pink Champagne Diamonds: Gorgeous champagne diamonds with subsequent pink color are as well accessible and command an honored price per carat than champagne diamonds. These pebbles prove slight to bold flashes of pink in their fire.

Argyle Pink Champagne Diamonds are available in three ranges of shades, from light pink champagne to medium and dark pink champagne. As pink is one of the rarest colors establish in diamonds, even secondary colors order a higher price depending on depth and power of color.

5-Yellow Diamonds: Fancy yellow diamonds come up to in a broad range of shades ranging from light yellow to a rich canary color. A partial quantity of fancy yellow diamonds is recovered from the Argyle mine.

6-Blue Diamonds: Fancy blue diamonds are accessible in a wide range of shades, from the blue of the sky to a more "steely" color than sapphire. A Limited amount of fancy blue diamonds are improved from the Argyle mine.

7-Green Diamonds: Fancy green diamonds also exist. Frequently, penetration of the color is not very deep and is habitually removed during the fashioning of the stone. A limited quantity of fancy green diamonds is improved from the Argyle mine.

History OF Diamonds

The diamonds is more aesthetically stunning and its stable symbol of love, allegiance, romance. The initial diamonds were found in India in 4th century BC. At that point in time of their discovery, diamonds were cherished because of their power and brilliance. Diamonds were worn as decoration and they were supposed to provide protection in battle. In the dark ages diamonds were also worn as a medical aid and were also used as a medical aid and were consideration to cure illness and heal wounds when injected.

Why diamond is so expensive

The middle nineteenth century discovery of diamonds close to the orange river in south Africa sparked the earth‘s biggest diamond run and helped to satisfy the world’s increasing desire for diamonds. Diamonds were also creature discovered in eastern Australia. On October 1979; geologist found the Argyle pipe near Lake Argyle. Argyle has turn into the world’s largest volume producer of diamonds and alone is responsible for producing over a third of the world’s diamonds every year.

It is the symbol of clarity, excellence loyalty and faithfulness.

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