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About Tanzanite Birthstone for the M/o December

Tanzanite is a December Birthstone. Tanzanitete is a beautiful Gemstones having combination of blue to violet or purple variety of zoisite. Purple, Blue, Pink, Violet all set of colours give unique.peacock hue and saturation to the Tanzanite stone.

Tanzanite December Birthstones

Tanzania is main source of Tanzanite. It was first discovered by a Massai tribesman in 1967 in Merelani,.northern Tanzania. 

Behind the discovery of any Gemstone, there has always been interesting stories.

The fortunate gem hunter behind Tanzanite was a local tribesman. On finding unique crystal, he shared with another lucky gem hunter whose name was Manuel d'Souza. Who thought it with new sapphire deposits. However it was complete new Gemstone.

They did not have idea about newly finding gemstone that they were going to discover totally new gem. Later on, the new find was given the name on the name of it's located country that is Tanzania where it was found. 

At present, Tanzanite mining is done by both large scale companies like Tanzanite one and by small scale companies / individually artisanal miners like Maasi tribesmen. 

Behind Massai, they have another interesting factor about their cultural clothing, nomadic style and lifestyles . Their livelihood is on raising cattles and goat. 

Tanzanite comes in various colours like mentioned below.

Tanzanite colour chart

The most popular colour is deep purplish blue. Tanzanite is most of the time is heated in deep purplish blue colour. The unheated colours are normally light purplish blue or greenish blue. 




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