Deal of Rough Emerald Gemstones for Cutting 150 Carats


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This is sample parcel opportunity for those who want to buy less quantity to try from our natural emerald stock. Emeralds are exceptionally rich green color.

Total weight: 150 carats
Dimension: 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm
Shape: Hexagonal Crystal shape .some loose shapes
Color: Rich Green Colour
Clarity: Si, VS, VVS Treatment: No treatment Origin: SWAT
Content:   Origin: Swat, Pakistan
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We offer wholesale prices for rough Emeralds which is sourced directly from the Swat mine of Pakistan. Thus we are providing assurance of quality and quantity without the involvement of intermediaries. The Swat Emerald stones we provide are unprocessed, exhibiting their natural rich green color without any treatment.

The Swat Valley of Pakistan is known for its significant deposits of natural emeralds. Swat emeralds are formed in mica schist and calcite deposits, with the mineral beryl being the primary source of emerald. These emerald crystals are found in various sizes, ranging from small to large size. The larger emeralds in Swat area are rarer and more valuable. The region's geology provide ideal conditions for the formation of these precious stones.

At our shop, we offer a collection of Swat Raw Emeralds for faceters, gemstone cutters, lapidary artists, collectors or jewellery designers. Customers can expect genuine, high-quality rough emeralds at competitive wholesale prices.

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