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Kashmir Sapphires-Genuine Gemstones from Batakundi Pakistan

Kashmir sapphire is famous for its crazy colours. The popular Kashmir sapphire is blue, royal blue, purple, purple-blue, color change. The royal blue colour Kashmir sapphire is extremely rare now a day. Royal color is found in Jammu Kashmir which is under the occupation of Indian Army. On Pakitan side, Kashmir area is Batakundi which is adjacent to Azad Kashmir. The meaning of Azad Kashmir is ” Free Kashmir”.

Batakuni has lovely purple, purplish Kashmir Sapphires from Batakundi - Genuine Gemstones from Pakistanblue Kashmir sapphire gemstones. This area has huge corundum variety. Therefore, you will find here a lot of ruby and sapphire rocks and minerals. Recently, a Kashmir Sapphire Peacock Necklace Won Auction for $15mUSD in Nov, 2018- World Most Expensive. It had old Kashmir royal blue genuine gemstones for sale in the auction. Stones were settled with diamonds.

The word “Kashmir Sapphire” is on the people’s tongue nowadays. Production of Kashmir sapphire is low because of lacking equipment or investment.  

Kashmir has been the benchmark in the perfection of sapphires. Jammu Kashmir side mining is closed since 1900s. Pakistan side Kashmir is having mining in running. The color of Pakistan side Kashmir sapphire is beautiful. Along with sapphire, the Batakundi area is producing reddish pigeon blood rubies.

Kashmir Sapphire Gemstone from Batakundi Characteristics

Characteristics Description
Color Peacock Purple, Velvety Hot Pink, Lavender, Lilac, Grape Wine Purple, Deep blue to rich velvet blue, pink to purple, bluish purple, Star sapphire, Tripech.
They are found in contact zon of pegmatite intruded into a marble. kaolinized plagioclase feldspar have a lenticular pocket of sapphires.
SG 4.03
Crystal habit hexagonal bipyramid. Most crystals are coated by graphite.
• Euhedral crystals, with flat faces, where the color layer is intact
RI &
n[epsilon] = 1.762; n[omega] = 1.770      Bire. = 0.008
Spectra Weak to moderate Fe spectrum.


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