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5 Ethical Behavior Gemstone Dealers should adopt

What Ethical behavior a Gemstone Dealers should follow while buying gemstone online?

In order to be a successful gemstone dealer or a mineral dealer, you must have an ethical business attitude as a mark of your success. What is that attitude? "Being an honest gem dealer". Customers and gemstone buyers go to various gemstone shops online on daily basis. Some are end gems customers. Some buy wholesale loose gemstones and crystals for their business purpose. We are ourselves, buyers and sellers, many times. I would like to get an honest gem deal as a buyer from any gem dealer.

I would highlight today on 5 ethical behavior, gemstones dealer should adopt during selling gemstones and minerals for sale online. Let us have a look at them:-

1- Exposure of Natural / un-natural gemstones and minerals for sale online

Whenever you are selling gems and minerals for sale online, honestly describe the description of the item. It is the responsibility of a gem dealer to expose if the stone is genuine or treated.

2- Expose Gemstone Treatment Types

Fully expose the treatment of stone with your customer or if you have presented your stone items on an online store. Write the correct treatment of the stone. Whether the gemstone is a synthetic, lab-created, colour enhanced, glass-filled, foil/resin filled, or anything.

3-Adopt Ethical Selling Practices

It is an obligation for vendors or sellers to adopt a code of ethics and code of conduct during selling. An honest attitude will help you in boosting your business up. Customers are ambassadors of your product. They will promote your product actually. An honest attitude will give them a good image of your business. By good back, you can earn more. Don't depend on short time progress. Always focus on long time progress.

4-Fair Trade of gemstones and minerals by their actual Names

There are many trade terms in the gemstone world. The common household gem buyer is not aware of them. When you are talking about Herkimer Diamond Quartz, you should tell that this is quartz. This is not a diamond. Similarly, there are many other names associated with different gemstones and minerals. Honestly describe the gem what it is?

5-Do Fair Weight of the Gemstones

Whenever, you are shipping gemstone to the customer, you should indicate the true weight of the stone. In case of bulk, add a little more but don't try to lower the quantity by adding any other thing. Be fair with your customer

"Honest is the best policy always. So be honest to your gemstone customers"


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