$10150000USD Peacock Necklace of 109ct Kashmir Sapphires Setting New Records in Nov, 2018 - Folkmarketgems

$10150000USD Peacock Necklace of 109ct Kashmir Sapphires Setting New Records in Nov, 2018

101m 500 Thousand Dollars Peacock Necklace of 109ct Kashmir Sapphires Setting New Records in Nov, 2018

This is very astonishing and wonderful news about Kashmir sapphire winning the auction at  Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction of Magnificent Jewels.

‘To find one stone of such quality is very difficult,’ says Vickie Sek, jewellery specialist of Christie's. ‘The 109 carats in this one necklace took more than 100 years to assemble.’

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The final sale of the parcel was estimated between HK$95m - 120m. Later on, it reached at HK$101.5m. It was sold for HK$116m after premium by Vickie Shek, a telephonic bidder who is Chairman of Jewellery, Asia.

The peacock necklace has 24 cushion-shaped sapphires having weight from 3.02 to 10.56 each. Total weight of the sapphires is 109 carats. The necklace has 50 carats diamonds set in cushion shape having weight from 1.03 to 4.05 each. Gublin and GIA both reported it 100% natural with no indication of heat treatment. As per GIA, it is a flawless, VVS1 clarity, Type IIa having a royal blue colour.

The necklace with royal blue sapphires along with diamond settings is giving its amazing look. It attracted the buyer immediately thus setting the world record at the end or year 2018.

The history of peacock necklaces starts from 1881 when a landslide revealed sapphire - bearing rocks in Zanskar range of Himalayans. By 1887, Kashmir sapphire product was ceased. Resultantly, gem quality Kashmir sapphire is extremely rare now with royal blue colour.

Kashmir Sapphire from Batakundi

However, bicolour blue/purple, purple, and some royal blue Kashmir sapphire mining is still going on in Pakistan side Kashmir area. Which is called Batakudi Kashmir Sapphire or Kashmir sapphire locally in Pakistan?

Batakundi Kashmir Sapphires

One because today their mining is ceased due to Kashmir being as disputed area (Indian Occupied Kashmir side). Mining is going on Pakistan side Azad Kashmir which is part of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

As per UNO, the Kashmir is a disputed and Kashmiris have the right to choose sole freedom or supervision of India or Pakistan. Pakistan side Kashmir is called " Azad Kashmir" which means " Free Kashmir". The people think them free here so Kashmir mining is going on there. The Kashmir sapphires are being produced from Azad Kashmir and Batakundi, the valley adjacent to Kashmir. Trade name of Batakundi sapphire is also called Kashmir sapphire due to being its presence in Kashmir side.


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