10 kg Tektite Stones - Meteorite Kind

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This is 10 kg  rare Tektite. Rare Meteorite kind . 
Origin Thailand
Type Rough Tektitr Crystal

20mm to 60mm 

Shape:  Crystal Shapes 
Color: Yellowish Black
Total Weight: 1000 grams 
Treatment: No 
Available Quantity 10 kg
Treatment: No


$2,000.00USD $1,800.00USD

What is a tektite?

The word "Tektite" is taken from the Greek word " Tektos or melted". The first Tektite explanation came from China around 900 BC. 

Tektite is basically a form of silicate glass that is no volcanic. It appears after or by large hypervelocity meteorite collisions confronted with terrestrial glass. Tektite's shape and size can vary from piece to piece. Tektite color is depending on the land or origin where it is formed. 


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