20 kg Rare Fadden Quartz Crystals

Exclusive wholesale pricing is available for 50kg quantities of rare Faden quartz crystals, uniquely sourced from Pakistan. These crystals have natural milky faden lines that extends into the heart of each specimen. With an appealing shape, these stones have a natural brilliance and shiny luster. The majority of these crystals are well formed.

Key Features of the Stones

  • Stone: Faden Quartz Crystals
  • Size: under 1 gram to 10 gram plus sizes
  • Shape: Crystals
  • Color: White with having milky faden lines passing into the center of the crystal
  • Weight: 50 kilo gram 
  • Origin: Pakistan 
  • Treatment: No

How and Where I can use Faden Quartz Crystals?

One can use faden quartz for various purposes. However, here is listed some tips to use them the best:-

  • They can be used in creating healing pendants with silver sterling 
  • Crystals can be used in crafting raw stone jewelry 
  • For being unique and rare shapes, crystal collectors collect such unique natural art for their collections. 
  • Quartz Crystals are also used for meditation or healing 



What is Faden Quartz Crystals?

The term "faden" has its roots in the German word for "thread or fiber", known as "der faden," and it has been anglicized as "fadenquarz." Pronounced as "fah-den," this term specifically denotes a quartz crystal. In French, this unique crystal is named "quartz à âme," which translates to souled quartz, emphasizing the presence of a distinctive "thread" traversing through the crystal.


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