Wholesale Gemstones Deals

100ct Rough Peridots Stones for Faceting/ Cutting
50ct Loose Peridots for Sale | Loose Peridot lot
500 grams Raw Amethyst for Faceting | Raw Amethyst Stone
1 kg Raw Amethyst for Faceting | Raw Amethyst Stone
40grams / 200ct Mali Garnets
50ct Raw Water Melon Tourmaline Slightly Polished
1kg Fadden Quartz Crystals
1kg double Terminated Quartz Crystals
1kg Raw Window Quartz Crystals - Elestial quartz
25ct Tsavorite 2mm Round Brilliant Diamond Cut
25ct Calibrated Rare Chrome Tourmaline Loose Stones
1Killo Natura Rough Ruby on Zoisite - Raw Ruby on Zoisite
300 Grams Peridot Rough Stones for Cabbing

Buy Wholesale Gemstone Parcels

 We provide wholesale gemstone deals in both rough gemstones and loose gemstones in faceted/cut form. One can buy attractive wholesale gemstone parcels online by Paypal / credit card directly. We also offer custom gemstone orders. 


If you have specific demand about custom gems order not listed on our website, contact us by sending followng form after completing.