Medium Grade Rough Gemstones

1kg Natural Rubies Rough - Raw Gemstones
60Grams Spodumene Kunzite for Faceting
1Kg Raw Citrine for Faceting, Cabbing
500gramsBurma Amber for faceting, Beading | Maynmmar Amber
5KG Natural Rubies Rough - | Raw Ruby Crystals Wholesale Gemstone
5kg Raw Sapphire Gemstones for Lapidary - Rough Sapphire Crystals
10kg Natura Raw Aquamarine Stones | Rough Aquamarine Crystals
1Killo Natura Raw Aquamarine
10 KG Natural Rubies Rough - | Raw Ruby Crystals Wholesale Gemstone
5kg Raw Citrine for Faceting | Facet Grade Citrine Quartz
1 kg Raw Amethyst for Faceting | Raw Amethyst Stone
1kg Black Tourmaline Crystals - Fine Crystals
40grams / 200ct Mali Garnets
1kg Fadden Quartz Crystals
1kg double Terminated Quartz Crystals
20 kg Carbon Included Herkimer Diamond Quartz

FMGS online gems store is the best place to buy gemstones online. Gemstone buyers whether they are small traders, lapidary artists, gemstone learners, starters, gemologists, here are the best-priced rough gemstones for sale. This section is best in rough gemstones for tumbling, beading, cabbing, carving. We introduce you to medium grade gemstones for sale cheap. These medium grade rough stones become cheaper if you buy in wholesale rough stones. Medium grade rough gemstones are normally different types of garnets rough, peridot rough, topaz, amethyst, citrine, quartz, hessonite, ruby zoisite, rare grandidierite rough, amber, spinels, morganite, kyanite, aquamarine, tourmaline, lapislazulli, kunzite, zircon, apatite, ametrine, rose quartz, lemon quartz, citrine, and many more gemstones. 
Note: We offer 100% genuine gemstones. If any gemstone has the treatment of any kind, we will disclose it in the product description. 


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