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Gemstones for Sale – Where Can I Buy Loose Gemstones Online?

Buying gemstones online is a difficult task. As the buyer is buying blindly and he does not know what he will receive after buying. However if one keeps in mind some key points before buying online gemstones for sale, he / she can be safe in online purchases. Let us first see where you can buy loose gemstones for online?

Where to buy loose gemstones online?

There are many places where you go and buy online. Just google on internet and find popular online stores which has loose gemstones in display on their stone. Search on google about reliability of the store. You can check the social media links, recommendations on pages, followers’ comments. You can contact the people who gave recommendations to the store. You can also search about business how much old is the business, website and social pages. Social media old posts can tell you the date rightly.

Another thing which is very important to know that what is dealer selling for? What are its prices. He is price oriented or quality oriented. He is focusing on organizational building or merely focusing on sale sale and sale. A right organization will always have their moto which they apply on all stakeholder together.

Whatever you are buying from online store, you should be clear what you are buying from

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them and what is right for you. Sometime we are unable to make choice and select when everything is open online. where as physically when you go to jewelry store, you are hesitant to say to the shopkeeper to show you every item. Moreover shop keeper understand your psyche. He shows you what you like the most. He also insists you to buy which helps him in making up your mind. Whereas online, you have a lot of choices. Which makes you confused about selection. So make sure what matches to your choices. Mostly online stores have descriptions on product page. If you find any missing information, you can contact them live if live chat facility is available or write them a letter in email. The main point is to be patient, think twice, match your choice to your thoughts, and explore maximum options to match with each others. I hope by this you can get the best from online. Focus on pricing factor also before finalizing your selection.

Also you need to see what return policy is of the online shop. How much flexible they are in return policy. Customer oriented shops will have customer oriented return policies.

Some important points to buy loose gemstones for sale online. I hope they will help you:-

Gemstones Quality:  You should be clear from the description of the gemstone product whether it is heat or treated. If you are willing to buy heat treated gemstones (which is acceptable by the market), you should be clear in decision

Gemstone Certification: Another important thing is gemstone certification especially for buying expensive gemstones.

Gemstones Origin: Usually dealers mention origin of the stone online. Check the origin of the stone from the product description.

For buying wholesale rough gemstones


If you are a buyer of loose gemstones in rough form. Always buy from miner or person next to the miner. Because as gemstones goes from different hands,

there starts increasing the pricing. In Pakistan like countries, miners are usually hardly in contact with the foreign buyers, so you can contact with the 2nd person. Another issue if language and education problem.  If you come physically Pakistan, you will have to contact the miner through a 2nd person. However this is not the case all time in all countries. In other countries, proper organisations will have contract of extraction of gemstones. So you can contact them directly. Buying rough gemstones is usually done in wholesale parcels. Miners would like to sell in quantity. They sell all type of quantity mixed (top, medium, low). Buyer save money in such parcels. Because he buys at the lowest rate.


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